10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf

Looking for ways to organize your messy bookshelf? We bring you the easiest ways, to begin with.
If you’ve been in the habit of carelessly stuffing your books in any nook that you find; you are supposed to step up your game. Organize your bookshelf and keep every thick and thin one in a simple arrangement. Organizing books will never seem easier than this.

An organized bookshelf is not only supposed to enhance your reading process but moreover is motivational enough to read.

10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf

ask any bookworm why is library his favorite place to chill. obviously, it is the books. but more importantly, it is the systematic way in which the books are sorted. it conveys a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Organizing won’t take you longer if you follow these 10 steps that we have prepared for you. Arranging a bookshelf in these ways won’t seem a tiring task and will most definitely give you assistance in sorting books the way you like. Obviously, you don’t have to get too OCD about it. Maintain a healthy level of craziness when it comes to arranging your stuff.

1. Alphabetical Arrangement

It might sound boring, but definitely saves a lot of time. When you arrange your books in an alphabetical manner, it makes you easier to pick out your books. This way you don’t have to dig out the entire shelf for the book that you actually want. While arranging it this way might take time. But whenever you want to read, just reach out to your favorite book and grab it.

Take for instance you want to gift a book to your friend, and you are running out of time. So you just need to search for the book on the bookshelf and pick out the book. If the shelf was not arranged properly, a ton of time would be wasted in searching for the book.

2. By Color

If you have a large number of books then this might seem a silly way to organize the bookshelf. When you arrange the books by their color, it is obviously pleasing to the eyes, and most definitely calls out to any passerby to come for the read. You can arrange them in a particular color sequence. For example, an entire column of red or pink color, or you can arrange them in a rainbow colored sequence, or maybe arrange them in dark to light shades. This will make the bookshelf look colorful and will attract the readers.

3. Stack your Books

If you have books that stand out, stack them. You can stack them by theme, color, and size. You can use them to break up a row. Keep an entire shelf of stacked books. Stack them horizontally, or in shelve them vertically, and then stick some horizontally on top of their new vertical buddies. Use your shelves for support. If you are running out of space on the bookshelves, then stack books next to them. Use the bookcases as support.

4. Arrange them by Genre or Subject

Arranging a bookshelf by placing books as per their themes is the best way to organize a bookshelf. Organizing books by genre and subject makes it easier to find the right book for your current mood and interest. This way you exactly know where the book you need is stacked up. Example, if you feel like reading a book from the tragic genre on a Saturday night, such an organisation of your bookshelf on the basis of genre, will save you time.

5. Organize As Per Your Choice

Maybe some books made you weep with sadness, and on the other hand some book has made you laugh out loud. Some people read books so enticed that they do not leave the couch for hours at a time. Some books help you achieve your passions, while some might shatter you innocence. Some books might have made a drastic change in your life, while some did not make an impression at all. If you have emotional response to books, then this way to organize your books is an awesome one.

6. Separate Books by Author

This method works best if you have a variety of new and old books. It could be Stephen King or Toni Morrison. You can categorize them as contemporary and classic, whichever way suits you the best. You can arrange them according to the date of publication, or books that have been published in certain dates.

7. Organize by Book Size

Before you construct the master plan, make sure that you know its limitations of it. Large heavy books should be shelved on sturdy shelves, usually the lowest one. Don’t shelve them above their head height. Keep the big books down, and then pile it with smaller books.

8. Sort by Fiction/ Non Fiction

Take all the books off their shelves and arrange them into fiction and non-fiction piles. When you do this, it makes it easier to read books depending on your mood. So it’s going to make it simplified to browse for an impromptu read. If you want to read Harry Potter but because of its place with the other non-fiction books, it’s making it difficult to search for and read it. So better to organize them according to fiction and non-fiction genre.

9. Arrange by Frequency of Use

This is a great system if you consult your books frequently for reference or research. Keep the ones that you use daily on the shelves at eye-level height, and also below where you can see or reach them. Books that you rarely use should go above your head level. If you have more than one bookshelf, then fill them with important books.

10. Reserve a Shelf for your Favorites

No matter which system you are going to use to organize your bookshelf, you can always have the option of leaving a shelf for your special books. Usually, the shelf that’s going to be visible to you must be filled to the top with favorites. This will help you separate the good ones from the best. Because no book is awful! Right?

Tell us how you like to keep your bookshelf. Let us know in the comments section down below about the most convenient way to arrange books.

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