Ruth Kale

Amateur Artist | Movie Junkie | Part-time Spiritual Gangster | I'm also a big believer of Universe, Myth, and Magic
  • FactsFeeling Lolita!

    Feeling Lolita: A Fantastical Subcultural Niche!

    I sometimes go through these intensive feelings of trying out different styles and generally, there are only two that I switch back and forth: You’ll either find me being tough in a tomboy outfit or in the girliest outfit ever! Trust me, there’s no in-between, but recently I found out about the Lolita subculture from Japan which will allow me…

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  • FactsIs The Moon Running Away From Us?

    Is The Moon Running Away From Us?

    Okay! you read that correct! The Moon is running away from the Earth, I guess its because of all the “Moon-children” creeping him away, or because it is just jealous that the Earth is so colorful and he isn’t, maybe they are fighting over a star or maybe the Moon is cheating on Earth OR it can have a scientific…

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  • FactsGreg's Grandpa's House

    Greg’s Grandpa’s House And the Blind Stalker in the Woods

    In this world of the internet, we come across many exceptional and interesting things. Today, I am going to show you one of the exceptional and interesting things the internet has offered us. @gr3gory88 is a twitter account, the account’s owner is addressed as Greg because we still aren’t sure about his real identity. Greg’s grandpa passed away on 27th…

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  • FactsMellower Coffee

    Mellower Coffee: Taste the Sweetest Little Rains of All!

    I have three questions for you. 1) Have you grown up having a mouth full of candyfloss every time you’ve been to a funfair when you were younger? 2) Do you think you and coffee are made for each other? 3) What if I tell you that you can get these two things in one cup? Mind=Blown! right? If you…

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  • FactsI Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

    I Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

    Before diving into the article on how to talk to the universe I want you to know two things which are as follows: Yes, you are going to read my version of THE SECRET. By talking I mean actually talking and having a real conversation with the universe! Let me explain. When you put a thought out in the universe…

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