Replace Your Cosmetic Products With These Homemade DIY Cosmetics Today

Makeup has always been the priority of all women since they were little! Women cannot live without their daily pampering routine. But what if you run out of one of them?

Wouldn’t that spoil your mood, your day, and your routine too ?!

Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that! Yes, the products that are easily available in your house can replace cosmetic products! Let’s find out!

Use These Homemade Products / DIY Cosmetics To Replace Cosmetic Products In Your Life


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Instead of using an expensive and chemical-based product, you can replace it with an organic one. Simply mix arrowroot powder, cocoa powder, ground cinnamon, and nutmeg into a smooth paste, and voila! You are done.


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A mixture of 1 part of cornstarch and 1 part of French clay can be more effective than an expensive one. It is fully organic, and it is guaranteed since you are the maker and the user.


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Using food coloring and beeswax, you can create as many as shades you want. Another hack is that you can mix two colors to create an ombre lip color!


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Arrowroot powder is considered a natural blush since its pigments are tinted and produce a partial reddish color. By using arrowroot powder, the cheeks get a light reddish tint and it looks natural too.


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Eyeliner is something every woman is crazy about. Having said that, using activated charcoal capsules and some drops of distilled water, a gel liner can be made and trust me, all this expense is very little compared to the one spent on the cosmetic products.


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One can use cocoa powder or ground cinnamon powder in order to replace the contouring products available in the market. Simply mix Vaseline with the powder of your choice (cocoa/cinnamon) store it in a mason jar and voila! Your homemade contour kit is ready!


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Makeup removers are essential in one’s routine kit since they help you get rid of the heavy cosmetics applied on your skin and nourish your skin. Coconut oil vaseline or baby oil can replace a makeup remover and you have to pay a cheap price as compared to the others.

All these DIY’s are easy to make and inexpensive. These organic products are healthy for your skin and are guaranteed since you are the producer and the customer all by yourself! Do try these DIY cosmetics to replace cosmetic products that are expensive and probably unsafe for your skin.  Also, don’t forget to comment below if they helped you out!

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