I Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

Before diving into the article on how to talk to the universe I want you to know two things which are as follows:

  • Yes, you are going to read my version of THE SECRET.
  • By talking I mean actually talking and having a real conversation with the universe! Let me explain.

When you put a thought out in the universe or when you want the universe to make certain changes, you tell the universe about it AND the same way the universe replies you. You just have to have a listening ear and a seeing eye.

I was going through a dark period in my life when I came to know about the law of attraction, I actually watched the Hindi dubbed documentary of The Secret and my life completely changed after that. As they said to start with small things first, I started to try to attract a chocolate, then a meal and then slowly and steadily the whole day started turning out the way I wanted it to be, I used to just ask the universe that I want so and so things to happen and they did happen, they still do and I am honestly grateful for the law of attraction to work for me at any given time.

One day I was feeling a bit out of place and had millions of questions in my mind. I look out of the window and ask the sky “Why am I feeling like this!? I wish I could have some pizza!” in the softest voice ever and the doorbell rings, I open the door, and I see my mom and she goes like “Here! Catch this” giving me a medium size pizza box!

have faith

Here’s the thing I do to make things happen, I meditate on them, I close my eyes and take a mental picture of the particular thing I want and then I believe that the universe is going to give me what I want, I have faith that things will happen or rather The Universe will make them happen every time I visualize them. Long story short, it all comes down to faith and how much you believe that the law of attraction will work.

Now! let’s come back to the part of “how does The Universe reply.” The obvious way of the universe to converse with you is through Angel numbers. These numbers have a pattern in them, they are basically a signal that this is what the universe wants you to know, these are a certain sequence of numbers which you keep seeing, for eg:- 11:11 0r 12:12 or 5:55 or 4:44, etc. Below is the list of angel numbers and their meanings

  • 1 – Originality, leadership, and independence. Beginning of something new.
  • 2 – Cooperation, association, sensitivity and/or being more sensitive towards others.
  • 3 – 3 appears to show spirituality, creativity, and self-expression, gregariousness, and creativity.
  • 4 – Stability, work, and career. It’s also often a warning about your career.
  • 5 – Adventure, excitement, higher and deeper consciousness, it’s also a sign that good times and good changes are on their way.
  • 6 – This number is all about home, family ties, and responsibilities.
  • 7 – You are in alignment with your spiritual purpose, 7 is the number associated with spirits there also can be many opportunities to align with divine purpose.
  • 8 – Abundances and material prosperity!
  • 9 – Number of the achievement of your soul’s deeper purpose. It is a sign from the universe that it is time to get working.
  • 10 – 10 says to stay positive, to trust in the power of your divine guides. And it is also a sort of a reminder to keep your thoughts and emotions in check by keeping them pure & positive
  • 11 – 11 is a Master Number and signal’s to listen to your deeper intuitions. You may meet someone whose high energy will raise your vibration to new heights!
  • 12 – Number 12 is about reuniting opposite ideas and coordinating conflicting thoughts. On a spiritual note, when you see 1212 it also means that the golden light of Jesus Christ is shining on you are being loved unconditionally.
  • 22 – This number tells you that you can make your dreams come true in reality.

Each number has its frequency, if you see a number in double, triple or four-times sequence, the message and frequency are that many times stronger. And for the record, seeing 666 doesn’t mean that anything bad is about to happen but when it comes to angel numbers, things are most of the time positive.

Image credit: TheLawOfAttraction.com

The universe also answers you directly. Like for example, you are wondering about where to sell your old junk at and you don’t know who to go to, but suddenly a bus passes you by which has an ad of some annual flea market or a website or app which allows you to sell your old items. Or, you are wondering if you should go out with that person and you ask the universe for guidance.

If the universe thinks the person you are thinking of is best for you, you won’t even have to try, but if the universe doesn’t think they are best for you, you’ll start seeing a lot of stop signs a lot of red signals or actual sentences indicating not go out with them. Sometimes the universe puts thoughts in your heads, Remember the times you have argued with yourself in your mind? It turns out one of the sides was of the universe.

the universe

Other things like having a song continuously stuck in your mind, overhearing conversations or you manifest a lot of small things at once can be a sign from the universe.

And as I said before, meditate on what you want. Instead of ordering, ask about it politely to the universe. Trust the universe and have faith in it, visualize your wishes, make vision boards, and after you receive it don’t forget to thank the universe, be grateful that your prayers and wishes are being heard. Law of attraction is a blessing for each and everyone in these difficult times, and luckily, if done right, we all can use this blessing to reach new heights.

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