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  • EntertainmentSpicy Creepypasta Stories

    10 Extra Spicy Creepypasta Stories

    Let’s face it! We live in strange times where anything can happen, talk about those people who consider themselves extra courageous and brave, who participate in strange games and try to test the creepy theories. If you are one of those people, please be my guest because I’m your host and I am about to tell you some creepypasta stories…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Get To Know The Fact Behind Why Do We Yawn?

    Yawning, is usually considered a sign of boredom or your body’s way of telling you to get some shut-eye. The tears that form in your eye when you yawn tell you that you are missing your bed. The world famous saying “as contagious as a yawn” is so true. When you see someone yawning, you can’t really help yawning yourself.…

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  • FactsSuperstition

    Superstition: An Odious Belief In Our Circle Of Life

    There must be something that everyone dislikes. So according to me, the thing which I dislike the most is stupidity, especially in the nastiest forms of racism and superstition. There are so many things which were served yesterday as articles of faith, but which are fables for us today. So to begin with a very prominent superstitious belief that is…

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