Mellower Coffee: Taste the Sweetest Little Rains of All!

I have three questions for you.

1) Have you grown up having a mouth full of candyfloss every time you’ve been to a funfair when you were younger?

2) Do you think you and coffee are made for each other?

3) What if I tell you that you can get these two things in one cup? Mind=Blown! right?

If you ask me, I am a big-time coffee and a candy floss fanatic and before diving into this article, let me tell you some basic facts about coffee and candy floss!

Starting with Coffee:

There are two types of coffee beans, Robusta, and Arabica. Arabica has a smooth sweet taste, whereas Robusta has a bitter taste. Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica. Arabica is pretty expensive.

Candy floss:

You have no idea how awkward I am feeling right now but let me get this out of my chest. Candy floss was invented by a DENTIST! Yes, you heard it right, a dentist. William James Morris was a dentist. In 1897, he and his friend John C. Wharton both invented the candy floss machine. Once the newly invented fluffy candy with 70% of the air was ready they decided to call it Fairy Floss!

Hmm… The nerve from which I overthink is asking me if there is any relation between “Fairy” floss and the Tooth “fairy”… Maybe candy floss is named after the tooth fairy… Maybe the tooth fairy is hungry for teeth! Maybe she actually wants our teeth to get weak so that when our teeth get weaker and fall off she’ll finally be full…

What do you think about my conspiracy theory? Do you have any of your own theories? Let me know in the comment section below!

Coming back to our topic of Mellower Coffee

Mellower Coffee is one of the leading and established cafe chains in China, It has introduced the artistic coffee culture with a philosophy of

“Just for a cup of good coffee.”

What caught my attention is that they have a perfect Instagramable cuppa coffee for you which is called The Sweet little Rain.

sweet little rain

Sweet Little Rains is Americano coffee in a cute cup and a lump of candy floss hung above the cup, dripping sugar which when gets hits by the coffee’s steam melts and lands into the hot coffee which multiplies the sweetness of your drink while you enjoy the dreamy vision of the sweet fluffy cloud.

Mellower Coffee was started back in 2011 and has since expanded with some of the stores across Shanghai and now in Singapore.

mellower cafe
mellower cafe

Mellower serves customized beverages to every single customer with high-quality products and with a professional lookout in the cafe industry. It has set up 50+ shops in China which is its birthplace and outside its boundaries like Shenzhen, South Korea, Chongqing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Beijing. It serves 30+ creative Istagramable hot and cold coffee beverages, fresh bakery products, and a wide range of coffee sets! And obviously the cafe has bagged a lot of awards and is continuing to do so!

Mellower coffee brand
Mellower coffee brand

With that being said, book your tickets to China! Hop on a flight and taste the sweetest rains at Mellower Coffee and Stay Caffeinated as we do!

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