Disney’s Nine Old Men : The Unsung Heroes

Cartoons :- 

  1. a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine. 
  2. a film using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects.

This is exactly how Google defines Cartoons. But are they just mere drawings with exaggerated humour or just moving films?

Cartoons have lost their essence over the years. They are replaced by other social media activities. For kids like us,  (usually referred to as ‘old school’) we have nothing else but these cartoons as a major part of our childhood.

These nine men formed the core animators team for the Walt Disney Production House. You gotta thank these men for creating some of the most famous Disney cartoon characters like Snow White, 101 Dalmatians and many more.

Most of us don’t even know who these people are. So, let’s dive right in and look at the nine unsung heroes of Walt Disney:

1. Les Clark

Via : cdn.d23

2. Wolfgang Reitherman

source: Pinterest

3. Eric Larson

Via : cdn.d23

4. Ward Kimball

Via: cdn.d23

5. Milt Kahl

Via : cdn.d23

6. Frank Thomas

Via : cdn.d23

7. Ollie Johnston

Via : cdn.d23

8. John Mitchell Lounsbery

`Via : cdn.d23

9. Marc Fraser Davis

`Via : vignette.wikia.nocookie


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