• EntertainmentSpicy Creepypasta Stories

    10 Extra Spicy Creepypasta Stories

    Let’s face it! We live in strange times where anything can happen, talk about those people who consider themselves extra courageous and brave, who participate in strange games and try to test the creepy theories. If you are one of those people, please be my guest because I’m your host and I am about to tell you some creepypasta stories…

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  • Factsdreams

    Why You Remember And Forget Your Dreams?

    It’s the 3rd time your Mom called you and you’ve finally realized the seriousness of the situation. The 1st call could be royally ignored; the 2nd call means you’ve got to be ready with some strong excuse as to why you’re late. But the 3rd call is the last straw. The 3rd call means your dad is involved and you’ve…

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  • Factswhat are dreams made of

    What Are Dreams Made Of? You’ll Get Your Answer Here

    Have you ever been fascinated to know what dreams really mean? How and why do we even dream? Are dreams related to some spirits who are trying to warn us about something? Well, here are some mind-boggling facts and information that will help you find out what is actually happening when you’re asleep! Dream, according to Wikipedia is: “A succession…

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