5 Indoor Plants Will Help You To Sleep Like A Baby!

Not everyone is blessed with baby-like sleep! Most of us go to sleep with a stressed mind and with a lot of things running around in our head that kill the peace of mind- something that is necessary for a good sleep. This leads to us having disturbed sleep that can affect our body, mind, and daily work!

Basically, a great sleep cycle is what keeps your life cycle in perfect condition. So, for the readers who do not get adequate sleep or a peaceful sleep, Mother Nature offers you a wide variety of indoor plants that you can keep in your bedroom to help you relax and sleep better!

5 Indoor Plants Will Help You To Sleep Like A Baby

1. Aloe Vera

image source This plant is widely known for its herbal and beauty enhancement properties. However, little is known about its power to calm a person down. This indoor plant can be grown easily with less effort. It is known as the ‘Plant of Immortality’ since it reproduces very easily. Aloe Vera is one of the few indoor plants that give out oxygen at night, which helps cure insomnia and induces healthy sleep for a person to wake up fresh and brisk the next day.

2. English Ivy Plant

This is another easy-to-grow plant that is scientifically proven by NASA to help cure Asthma. Patients suffering from Asthma usually have trouble breathing at night. The English Ivy Plant is known to have the power to absorb 94% of air mold that causes allergies and exacerbates Asthma. This plant helps to treat one’s health issues and also induces good sleep by removing contaminants from your bedside space.

3. Lavender Plant

Lavender is known for its fragrance and oils that help bring out a great ambiance in a room. That is why Lavender essence is used mainly for making fragrance sticks, fragrant oils, perfumes, and room fresheners. But, it is not only the fragrance that is great, the fragrance helps reduce stress and anxiety and helps to calm the mind, giving the person peace of mind while sleeping.

4. Snake Plant

The snake plant is usually found in bedrooms and bathrooms for its ability to act as a natural air purifier. Snake Plant absorbs bad air or stench and provides fresh air in the room. It can also absorb air toxins which help one to breathe pure air and thus, help one to have a better sleep.

5. Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is known as the queen of the night for its fragrance and the ambiance it creates. This is one of the most sought flowers by Indian women and many women keep jasmine flowers in their head. This is not just for beautification. The fragrance helped women get better sleep at night since it reduced stress and anxiety. The fragrance of the Jasmine has a calming effect. It is also proven to absorb air toxins. If one has noticed, different kinds of Jasmine also bloom specifically at night like the ‘Parijatha’. The jasmine plants in and around the house help in providing its owners a peaceful sleep.

So, readers! Have you got yourself a pot of each indoor plant? If not, get one soon and spread the message! Because statistics have shown that more than 80% of the world’s adult population does not get proper sleep, thanks to work schedules and deadlines that stick to your mind at all times!

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