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What Are The Various Benefits Of Silver?

Silver’s popularity as a metal base is not just because of its Appearance and Affordability. Benefits of Silver are innumerable. It is benefiting to the health in two ways. First is its use as a natural antibiotic by consuming silver ions, secondly, it can be beneficial through skin contact, i.e. preferably in the form of jewelry.


Hippocrates who was an ancient Greek physician reported that silver was effective in healing wounds. Water, wine, and vinegar stored in silver bottles lasted longer. Also in the 20th century, to preserve the freshness of milk; people would add pieces of silver in the bottles.


  • It is an antimicrobial agent that helps prevent cold and flu.
  • When used in the right quantity and manner, it protects us from the harmful radiation emitted by cell phones and other electronic products.
  • It helps to balance mood swings and energy levels.
  • Silver helps us to avoid toxic substances, as it changes color when it comes in contact with such toxins.
  • Studies reveal that the symptoms of arthritis can be reduced by wearing a silver ring.


 As a Metal, silver helps conduct the energy of the Moon. The moon is the closest Cosmic Body to the Earth has a direct impact on our mood. Silver has an influence on our subconscious mind., it helps us to deal with our emotions better, absorbs vast amounts of negative energy, calms anxiety and nervousness and reduces sensitivity.


 Silver can be worn on the skin. Silver clothing helps prevent electromagnetic radiation from coming in contact with the skin. Some people wear silver lined sleep masks to get better sleep, and silver lined gloves while typing to prevent radiation.

Silver works best when in contact with our skin. It has diagnostic properties. When we are unwell the sweat secreted from our body has the compositions of the disease. In such a situation if an individual is wearing a silver chain and it darkens, it could mean that the person has a weak Endocrine System. On the other hand, if the silver chain is worn is darker and it turns a lighter shade, this translates as a problem in the Urinary System.


Another wonderful way of making use of the Metal is by using it as a ring. Fingers have nerve endings which make them more efficient than other parts of the body in terms of wearing the metal. The right and left-hand fingers produce different effects on wearing a silver ring.

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Right hand:-

Index finger- Anger management, calm and composed

Middle finger- Prevents nervous breakdown, removes the blockage in neurotransmitters

Ring finger- Blood system is purified removes toxins from kidney and urinary tract.

Little finger- Cures anxiety, stabilizes the heart rate, increases stamina


Left hand:-

Index finger- Builds up the immune system, uplifts the mood.

Middle finger- Removes gastric problems.

Ring finger- Increases blood circulation, improves the endocrine system.

Little finger- Supports metabolism related functions


If a ring is not preferred then a chain can also be used. It shall play the same role as a ring and also increase the strength of the Throat Chakra. It helps in healing stammering and various speech-related problems.

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