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8 Steps For Strong Teeth

Human teeth have an essential role in our life. All the basic activities like eating food, drinking or breaking food particles are performed easily because of our teeth. When we talk with someone, the main organ that processes everything associated with talking is the mouth.

The mouth consists of a set of teeth and a tongue. With their help, we can communicate what we feel, make facial expressions and carry out the basic activities associated with the mouth.

The face is also kept in proper symmetry because of the teeth. Another essential feature of having strong teeth is that they help in the easy digestion of the body. Digestion is a phenomenon that starts in the mouth. By chewing and crushing the food particles with the help of teeth, we help our body carry out digestion easily.

8 Steps For Strong Teeth

1. Brushing

Regular brushing is essential to have strong teeth. Brushing your teeth daily for about 2 minutes in the morning should be the first step that should be practised to keep the teeth healthy. Not being too hard on the teeth and brushing gently in circular motions should be kept in mind while brushing the teeth. Brushing your teeth cleanses the inner and outer surfaces of teeth.

2. Avoiding Sugary Drinks

Bottled drinks, be it energy drinks or juices, are rich in sugar content. The sugar present in the drinks gives the bacteria present in the mouth energy and leads to acid production in the mouth. This acid is hazardous as it causes erosion and damages the teeth severely. Many dentists reveal that sugary drinks cause significant harm to the enamel of the teeth. To maintain strong teeth, avoiding sugary beverages should be practised.

3. Less Intake Of Cold Beverages

Too much intake of cold beverages, be it chilled drinks, cold coffee, iced tea or frozen drinks, results in tooth sensitivity. Cold beverages make the gums unhealthy and also cause the decaying of tooth enamel. It results in nerves of the tooth becoming weak, resulting in paining gums and teeth whenever cold beverages or food is taken. The only solution to get rid of the tooth sensitivity is to get a root canal done. So when you’re out for lunch or dinner, choose water to maintain strong teeth!

4. Regular Floss

Good dental hygiene must include dental floss. One can quickly get rid of the deposited plaque if one flosses regularly. Floss helps to clean the hidden debris that even a toothbrush cannot.

Flossing regularly also reduces the chances of developing a cavity. Flossing at least once a day can keep your gums healthy, maintain strong teeth, and prevent serious gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Many people suffer from halitosis, commonly called bad breath. Regular flossing is one such tool that helps in keeping the bad breath away.

5. Practicing Hygiene

Practising good dental hygiene is very important in keeping the teeth healthy. It is vital to take care of teeth. It cannot be achieved in a day, but one should take small steps each day. We should be very particular about oral products. We should brush our teeth daily before bed.

Cleaning the tongue by brushing it gently or using a tongue cleaner is also necessary as plaque can build up in the tongue itself. Using toothpaste that has fluoride in it should be used as fluoride helps in fighting against tooth decay, and you’re one step closer to strong teeth!

6. Food For Teeth

Some foods are great for keeping the teeth healthy. They provide nutrition to the body but also cater for optimum oral health. Low-fat food products or fat-free food items help in maintaining healthy teeth. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, apples and lean proteins are some food products that should be consumed.

Crisp, fresh and raw fruits and vegetables have the quality to clean the deposited plaque from the teeth. Cheese is also perfect for the teeth as it can fight the acid erosion of teeth. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D are essential to keep the gums and teeth healthy. Dark chocolate is rich in CBH, which helps harden the tooth enamel, which is exactly what strong teeth need.

7. Water

It may be a great surprise to note that water plays a crucial role in keeping the teeth and the gums healthy. People who drink the required amount of water daily have fewer chances of being prone to dehydration.

Dehydration thickens the saliva in the mouth, which further causes many dental problems. For the breaking down of food, an adequate amount of water in the saliva is often required, which neutralizes the bacterial acid and helps prevent early tooth decay and maintain strong teeth. Water has also helped reduce plaque to a great extent. Water also helps rinse away the deposited food debris, which causes tooth decay if not removed.

8. No To Smoking And Tobacco

Smoking is something that not only harms the body but also has harmful effects on the teeth. It hinders the body’s immunity making it quite hard for the tissues present in the mouth to heal. Dentists regard smoking as highly hazardous to oral health and an obstacle on the road to strong teeth. It also becomes an additive in plaque buildup.

Many gum diseases are caused due to regular smoking and tobacco consumption. Smoking results in early tooth loss. It becomes the reason behind the yellowing of the teeth and the tongue. Mouth cancer is one of the severe and painful types of cancer caused by smoking and tobacco. Tobacco also affects the bone attachment of the teeth. It damages the soft dental tissue to a great extent.

Healthy teeth are an essential prerequisite for a healthy life. Caring for one’s teeth and gums does not require too much time or expensive products. Taking small steps toward practicing good oral hygiene that is effective and requires less time should be followed.

In Conclusion

Regardless of age, proper care of teeth and good dental hygiene should be practiced from childhood to adulthood. Poor oral hygiene is the root cause of the majority of chronic problems. If a person has healthy teeth, they will indeed have a healthy heart.

The steps mentioned above, such as consuming a healthy diet, not smoking, brushing, and flossing daily, are not only good for oral health, but they play a significant role in determining the overall body’s health. Good care of teeth and gums is an integral part of working towards overall health. Let us know if you follow any other steps for strong teeth!

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