What Makes A Bow Tie Perfect Wardrobe Accessory For Men

Well, we all know that there is a limited option for men regarding fashion whereas there are a plethora of fashion options to consider. But Whatever possibility exists for our men, every element has its own charm. Be it ruffled shirt of the past or the tuxedo of the present. There came a time when Bow ties were in, and we could see many men flaunting them.

The bow ties had lost their charm but they are back with a bang, and we can’t help but drool over men who sport them. There are many looks with a bow not entirely being the formal one, the styles with the bows have evolved with the passage of time. Here we have some looks for you if you’re a bow boy.


Oh boy, now that is some sassy stuff. Guys naturally look great in types of denim. Be it a shirt or a jacket and when you would be teaming it up with a black bow and black paints. It would be your girl’s turn to look at over and over again. This is an ideal combination to go for.


Well yeah, we were talking about improvisations, and here they are. The open bow ties are a crisp and robust style statement and turned many eyes at the Paris Fashion Week as well. This style is both modern and elegant and is quite popular among the guys these days.


Sounds opposite, doesn’t it? Wel, you can team up bow tie with a shirt, sweater in the mild cold and if the weather is unbearable then just put a blazer on. Sounds classy, doesn’t it? It looks quite trendy and comfortable. You can get two looks for the cozy winters out of the same bow tie and same shirt.

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Bows are good to go with everything that you wear you just need to team it up with some subtle colors. You can team up a grey or black tie with a white shirt and a grey blazer. Isn’t it classic? These colors are ideal for all occasions be it a boardroom meeting or a formal party.


Nowadays, many actors can be seen sporting a bow tie along with different fabrics and different textures. Many of them are seen supporting the bow tie with velvet blazers or textured blazers. A plain bow can also be worn with a patterned blazer, and yes that would be a great combination.


They say beauty lies in simplicity and this classic combo verifies this age old statement. Simple plain shirt when teamed-up right bow tie can speak volumes and is totally apt for something your meetings, office parties and in some cases this combination can be worn as a casual wear also.

Well, these were some styling tips for the cool yet cute bow ties which are evergreen in the sphere of men’s fashion.

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