Mesmerizing Transitional Design: Learn How to Pull It Off

The transitional style represents a fusion of traditional and modern elements, and it has gained in popularity quite a lot recently. The best thing about it is that it gives you the freedom to experiment and strike a perfectly balanced atmosphere. So, in order to help you create a home which will embrace this mixture of rustic, chic, masculine and feminine features, we’ve prepared a list of some amazing ideas and tips on how to pull this style off. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Choose the right colour palette

First things first, choosing the right colour palette is the key to achieving this amazing transitional look. You should definitely embrace neutral tones like white, beige, light brown and grey since they represent the core of such a design. Owing to their timeless feel, your home will get the best of both worlds, namely, a traditional and modern style. Additionally, creating a neutral base is a wise decision since it will make it easier to choose the furniture and you won’t have to worry about whether your colourful rug will fit in. In case you need a little bit of inspiration, make sure to take a look at the latest Pantone color report and check out which natural nuances are the most popular this season.

Modern and vintage home accessories are a must

No matter how vintage your house looks at the moment, once you incorporate a few modern accessories, it will add a whole new dimension to it. For example, you can start by bringing in gorgeous colorful pillows and placing them all around the living room. Their modern characteristic will perfectly accompany your vintage wooden coffee table and make your living room look absolutely fabulous. You can also use florals as great accessories and place them on the shelves next to your state-of-the-art TV. The contrast of technology and rustic flower pots will definitely sweep all your friends off their feet. Finally, opting for beautiful long curtains is the best way to tie the whole room together.

Comfort is the key

Apart from making your house look amazing, a transitional style values comfort above everything else. So, instead of just paying attention to how your furniture looks, make sure that it’s equally cosy as well. Therefore, take your time and choose one of the amazing sofas that will make you wish you could spend the whole weekend lying on it. After all, your friends won’t be able to fully enjoy your beautifully decorated home unless they have a place to sit comfortably. Lastly, your bedroom is the place where comfort is of the utmost importance. Therefore, make sure to buy a king-size bed with curtains that will add that final touch to the room and make your partner and you feel like a royal couple.

Play with different textures

Another prominent characteristic of transitional home decor is the mixture of various textures. For example, you should make sure to incorporate a wide variety of materials like wood, stone, leather, glass, etc. since their combination is what makes this style so appealing. Furthermore, textured fabrics like corduroy and chenille are extremely popular since they represent a great substitute for vivid colours that are not encountered so often in a transitional style.

Don’t forget to consider the best flooring options

Choosing the right flooring is equally important as opting for the right colour for the walls since it creates a base for the rest of your house decor. For example, our favourite is definitely a light hardwood floor due to its sophisticated look and low-maintenance quality. On top of that, tiles are a popular choice for kitchens decorated in a transitional style. Of course, you can spread them across your dining room as well. Their modern patterns will go nicely with a wooden dining table covered with a classy table runner and will help you achieve that unique transitional style.

Harmony with floral arrangements

Last but not least, you can’t spell transitional style without lots and lots of greenery and flowers. The reason for this is that contrasts between designs can sometimes be too strong, so you need a natural element to create harmony between them. Therefore, if you truly want to balance out the differences and enrich the atmosphere in your home, you can opt for some great artificial floral pieces since they require less maintenance but look equally beautiful. Finally, make sure to explore all the various floral arrangements for transitional homes until you find the one that suits your place the best.

As you can see, decorating your home in a transitional style is not hard at all. You just need to consider its main characteristics and try to keep things simple. However, this doesn’t mean that you should hesitate to experiment a bit and come up with certain innovations as well. After all, there is nothing more advisable than adding your personal touch to your house decor.

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