20 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Who wouldn’t relish smelling lovely all day? Wearing your best-loved fragrance can surely help, but you might have observed that a lot of perfumes wear away by lunchtime. It appears that we know everything about perfume, but if you have ever questioned how to use the fragrance to make it last longer, read on.

20 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

1. Moisturize Your Skin

Always apply your perfume after moisturizing your skin. This will make your fragrance last longer. You can use an odourless cream or body lotion with the same scent if you have one.

2. Take A Shower Before Applying Perfume

To make your perfume last longer, spray it right after your bath. Be sure that your skin is already dry, and only then spritz the fragrance.

3. Do Not Rub Your Wrists

After applying the perfume to your wrists, please don’t rub it. Alternatively, let the scent dry on your skin. Rubbing it can make the top notes disappear fast.

4. Choose The Right Points

Perfumes are typically sprayed onto the pulse points because they make them smell ‘brighter’. Pulse points include: on the wrists, behind the ears, on the fold of elbows, behind the knees.

5. Reapplication Is Beneficial

If you feel that your fragrance has faded away during the day, you can always reapply it. Just a little freshening up to make sure you always smell your best.

6. Spray Some Scent On Your Hair

Don’t forget that your hair holds the fragrance even longer than your skin. You can spritz a small amount of perfume on your hair or spray it on your hairbrush in a more satisfactory way since the alcohol in the scent can harm your hair and make it dry.

7. Maintain Distance While Spritzing

While applying the perfume, make sure you hold the bottle 5-7 inches away from your skin; this ensures that no large drops fall on your skin, which is a waste and can make your skin feel sticky.

8. Use Petroleum Jelly

If you have dry skin, use a tiny amount of Vaseline to the pulse points before wearing the fragrance. The well-moisturized skin maintains the scent better and will last longer.

9. Never Shake The Bottle

It might allow air to instil the fragrance and reduce its lifespan. So make sure you do not shake the bottle before using it.

10. Use Cotton Balls For Reapplication

Spray your perfume on a cotton ball or q-tips and while they’re wet, put them in a plastic bag and ensure there is no air. They should stay damp enough to be used for touch-ups later.

11. Use Makeup Wipes For Removal

Do not stress out if you have sprayed too much perfume unintentionally. You can quickly remove it using makeup wipes. And then, you can again apply your fragrance in an appropriate quantity. Though the aim is to make the perfume last long, walking around smelling strongly of any scent is not the best thing to do.

12. Think About The Occasion

Always wear your perfume according to the occasion. For example, if you wear it at the workplace, choose something light and not too loud. But if you wear your scent while going to a party or for dinner, feel free to opt for something deeper, loud and more sensual.

13. Add A Heavyweight Note

You don’t have to shift to cologne but look for perfumes that mix feminine notes with woody, animal or spicy ones. This will make your fragrance last longer.

14. Don’t Store It In The Bathroom

Moistness and humidity will break down the perfume and weaken the fragrance, so place it in your room instead.

15. Keep The Box

Perfumes need to be kept away from the daylight as it degrades the oil and weakens the fragrance. So it’s suggested that you keep them in the beautiful boxes they came in.

16. Utilize Every Last Drop

Don’t waste those last few annoying drops. Rather mix them into an unscented body lotion to make your favourite scent last even longer.

17. Apply It At The Right Time

Moist skin will lock in the scent, but if you directly get dressed after that, it will vanish away. Wait a few minutes for the scent to dry.

18. Know The Different Types Of Perfumes

Anything labelled body spray, eau de cologne or eau de toilette has a low density of fragrance oils and a more subtle scent. Eau de parfum and extract de parfum are a lot more strong and sharp and last longer.

19. Use Hair Fragrances

If you’re stressed that your perfume might dry out your hair, grab a fragrance that is specially designed for your hair to make it smell better and keep it fresh between washes.

20. Do Not Spray It On The Clothes

Spraying perfume on your clothes might leave some stain. So make sure that you apply it directly on your skin and not on the clothes. You can also spray the scent on your pulse points which are not covered with clothes. This will make your fragrance sound brighter, and you will feel refreshed all day.

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