20 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

“I’ll do it later” is the phrase we use to lure our brain that has been asking us to complete the task for a long time now. After wasting all of this time and procrastinating with laziness, and just scrolling through the phone, we realize that now, it’s really hard to make it before the deadline. As a result, we rush to complete the task which could have been easily done earlier.  

Procrastinating work makes people delay their work to remain in that comfortable bed or continue doing the unproductive process that they think is too addictive to leave. This, obviously, is not what anyone would ever want. So, we’ve got 20 effective ways to defeat procrastination.  

20 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

1. Stop Being Lazy

Being lazy is one of the root causes of procrastination. If you are not willing to leave that cozy position, there is no other way that can help to deal with this problem. There are many ways to quit laziness. Working out, meditating, and eating a healthy diet are some examples. This will help you to be much more active than usual and slowly quit your procrastinating nature. 

2. Organize Your Goals

Make a proper timetable that includes all of the important and prior tasks of the day. This will help you analyze the amount of work to be done and accordingly, you’ll be able to complete the tasks without much burden. This is a great way to stop procrastinating. 

3. Execute

Remember, planning is one thing and execution is another. So, it is really important to start and complete all of the tasks mentioned in the schedule. After all, no one would like to waste the energy put into making a plan that isn’t executed at all.  

4. Start With The Preferred Part

It is important to select the section to get started with. We don’t want to stop in middle with the excuse ‘it is not interesting’, ultimately leading to you procrastinating. So, start with the part that you prefer the most. This will help you maintain the energy and interest until the end.  

5. Reward Yourself

To get a boost while working, reward yourself for completion. It could be anything you like. For example, “I’ll play games once I’m done with this work.” or “ I’ll get some snacks after this.” This little method will help to work with an increased pace and with more energy. But make sure you don’t claim it before achieving the goal. This will encourage you to quit procrastinating and jump on your tasks!

6. Take Short Breaks

Working continuously for a long period of time might result in losing all the interest and energy to carry it further, and what is the result? You find yourself procrastinating. So, to avoid this, take short middle breaks. But during that stretch of time, don’t use any addictive device like a mobile or laptop. Instead, just have a brisk walk and wash your face to refresh the mind and the body.

7. Be Busy

Being busy all the time will actually help to deal with this as if you have some free time, you’ll either take some rest or scroll through the phone. In both cases, if you are a procrastinator, you’ll realize that you kept on doing the free time activity even during work hours. So, to prevent procrastinating, utilise your free time to do some productive activities like sharpening your skills and hobbies.

8. No Distractions

Switch your mobile and other such devices on silent mode and place them somewhere out of view. Oftentimes, these distractions lead to a stoppage in the middle of the work, and afterward, we realize the amount of damage that procrastinating has done to our schedule.

9. Motivate Yourself

Keeping high spirits with full energy is really important to deal with problems like procrastination. Watch and read the documentaries and biographies of famous and successful people. This will make you realize the amount of hard work they’ve actually done to reach that position. Overall, this will help you work more efficiently with complete focus, and soon you won’t be procrastinating!

10. Don’t Pressurize Yourself

Pressurizing yourself because of the load of work on your head can lead to nothing else but only procrastination. Most probably, you’ll lose interest in the work after seeing that there is too much work to do. So, instead, keep calm and just try to complete the work as soon as possible.  If you end up procrastinating, don’t be harsh on yourself. Give yourself some time and get the job done.

11. Get Some Company

Working can be fun when done in a group. Try inviting your friend to complete the assignment together. This will allow you to spend some time with your partner and the work will be done in no time as you’ll be able to help each other. Thus, there will be more output in lesser time.  

12. The Deadline

As discussed in the beginning, procrastination causes delays in work and as a result, deadline crosses and we are seen rushing. To stop this, always keep in mind the time limit provided by the taskmaster. This constant recall will allow you to complete the task before the deadline and the last moment rush will be avoided. 

13. Notice The Harms

Procrastination causes many restrictions and harms our progress. As a result, we are unable to achieve our desired goals. So, one must be aware of all such possible sufferings. This will allow you to avoid and ignore the thoughts that delay the work progress.  

14. Oppose Your Thoughts

To make sure that you keep a progressive attitude, oppose the procrastinating thoughts whenever they strike your mind. If your inner self asks for just 5 more minutes, strictly refuse and leave the bed, phone, or any such free time activity and get to work. If you can control your thoughts, this problem will vanish in no time. 

15. Don’t Quit

Sometimes, while working on something out of interest, our mind asks to quit or “do it later”. Later on, when it comes to continuing the process, our mind starts to procrastinate again. So, once you’re engaged in work, no matter what, don’t quit before completing it. 

16. Exercise Everyday

Working out keeps our body active and alert. In other words, laziness just vanishes out of our body, and as a result, we can perform all of the energy-demanding work easily without any struggle. So, one should regularly exercise. 

17. Make A Self Report

It is important to assess and evaluate the no. of tasks we planned to do within a week and the actual no. of them done. This will let you know that how well you’ve been working on your problem of procrastination. So, always make a weekly or monthly report of the tasks done.  

18. Think About The Results

Imagine the amount of satisfaction and relief you’ll receive after you’ve successfully finished a long, important assignment. Such kind of thoughts can provide a major motivational boost to start the work. So, always think about the results.

19. The Reason

Find the root cause of procrastination. In most cases, it is either laziness or a device like a mobile, laptop. So, deal with this ‘reason’ accordingly, because this will help you to lower the work delay level.  

20. Achievable Goals

Trying to achieve something really hard can not only lead to failure, but you can also lose confidence. As a result, it will be harder for you to start again. Therefore, set goals that you can actually achieve. They can be hard but make sure they aren’t impossible. 


The key point to overcome procrastination is to start working. The more you delay, the more comfortable you get. Although it is not bad to be in a comfort zone, being there all the time can be harmful. Thus, we should always work hard to ac, keeping in mind that we’ve got enough to complete this work.  

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