7 Thrilling Bungee Jumping Locations in India

Bungee jumping is one of the most exotic adventure sports a person can participate in. Bungee jumping is that thrilling experience where you experience the fall and literally feel your soul and energies go up, all at once. It is a flying experience in the air with no person behind you in contrast to Skydiving. While you must have heard of numerous places for jumping worldwide, you need to consider the most exotic bungee jumping locations in India.

India is a land of cultures, diversities, and nature, and along with all of this, India offers some of the best locations to experience thrilling bungee jumping adventures. India has got a beautiful and exhilarating mixture of greens and blues to satisfy your soul while you jump.

7 Thrilling Bungee Jumping Locations in India

1. Rishikesh

The name Rishikesh sounds a bit cultural and conventional; however, it is completely the opposite. Rishikesh is a beautiful location surrounded by numerous green trees, lush valleys, and mountainous regions. It turns out to be one of India’s best bungee jumping locations. It is a tiny town located near Dehradun. Numerous people go to this place to find inner peace and experience nature. A long beam is constructed over the cliff, which gives an amazing height for bungee jumping. The height is 83 meters, which is perfect for this experience.

2. Lonavala

Lonavala is already known as one of the most exotic hill stations to visit anytime in the year. Lonavala encompasses green and blues all around the hill station. It is home to a variety of jellies, fudges, and the famous Wax Museum. Apart from the sightseeing offered in Lonavala, there is a place called Della Adventures, where a thrilling bungee jumping experience can be relished. Della Adventures is a place completely made for a variety of adventures. It is at the height of 150 feet; nothing could be more enthusiastic than jumping off from such a great height!

3. New Delhi

We all know Delhi is a city of hustle and bustle. Right from the very famous Chandni Chowk to the Red Fort, New Delhi covers all tourism aspects. Delhi has a great historical value that attracts tourists from all over the world. New Delhi also offers a Bungee jumping experience. Wanderlust is the name of the provider for this adventure sport. The jumping equipment is placed at the height of 130 feet from the ground. Trust me; it is one of the most promising adventures you can go for in New Delhi.

4. Goa

No person ever said no to visit Goa! Goa is lively, friendly, and attracts tourists from across the globe. Numerous beaches with phenomenal blues and lush green trees are something that Goa is known for! Goa is pretty famous for a variety of adventures provided in this small city. However, Bungee jumping is one of the best experiences you can try when you are here. It is at the height of 80 ft, which is reason enough to try it for the first time! So what are you waiting for?

5. Jagdalpur

Jagdalpur is not a very friendly name when it comes to bungee jumping locations in India. In fact, people are not aware of this place and the amazing aura the place offers. Once you visit this place, you would be delightfully surprised to see huge mountains along with some exhilarating views. One of the most thrilling facts is that the bungee jumping location is situated right on the mountain’s top. Just imagine jumping off a mountain. Keeping all your chills within yourself is something you would never regret doing!

6. Bangalore

Bangalore city has a rich culture and is called the IT hub of the country. Right from Bangalore’s phenomenal adventures, Bungee jumping is one of the best experiences. Ozone adventure is the name that provides bungee jumping services here. Watching the amazing city as you capture your soul along with the greens and blues of nature definitely calls for the biggest jump of your life!

7. Manali

The city of snow calls for cozy jackets and thrills! Manali is known for its snowy mountains, lush waters, and phenomenal views. Manali is one of the best places to experience the adventure of bungee jumping. Bungee Jumping adventure is situated at the mall road in a very silent place called Bahang. It is magical to have this experience in the city covered with snow and having goosebumps when you step on the ground! 

It’s time for you to get ready to experience the amazing adventure of Bungee jumping. Let us know which location you choose for your experience. Feel free to drop your views in the comment section below.

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