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10 Effective Tips For Anger Management

Anger is a normal feeling but can be problematic if not controlled during certain situations. Extreme anger can lead to outbursts, aggression, low mood levels, physical fights, injuries and more. If you are one of those who get angry at even the smallest things and are looking for ways to control them, you have reached the right article. In today’s article, we will talk about:

10 effective tips for anger management

1. Start A Count Down

Start A Count Down
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You might have heard this tip a lot because it is the most effective one, to be honest. Start counting numbers backward from 20 or 10. By doing this you shift your focus on counting numbers from anger. Hence this way you get over your anger and feel a bit more relaxed.

2. Take A Timeout

Take A Timeout
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If you feel extremely angry or stressed, then just take a short break and spend some time alone. This way you get some time to calm down and think rationally. Once your anger is settled and your thoughts are in place you can handle the situation much better.

3. Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak

Most of us in the heat of movement say things that are too harsh or we do not mean to say. Such words and actions can hurt someone. So always have a moment and collect your thoughts before saying anything in such situations. If you cannot control what you say take a timeout to calm down. Once you are settled then have a conversation about it. This is one of the best tricks for anger management.

4. Take Deep Breathes

Take Deep Breathes
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When you get angry, the breathing pattern usually becomes shallower and also speeds up gradually. What you can do is reverse this breathing pattern by taking deep breaths slowly. This will calm you down and also give you time to think about the situation.

5. Exercise, Meditate Or Walk

Exercise, Meditate Or Walk

Any kind of physical activity like walking, exercising, yoga, or meditation can help you reduce anger and channel it in the right direction. Also, such activities help to circulate good blood flow in the body making you happier. You can also do various stretching exercises for anger management for your muscles to release the tension in them.

6. Make A Mantra And Repeat It

Make A Mantra And Repeat It

Make a mantra for yourself that you can use when you are in an unwanted situation. You can make use of different mantras like “Relax” “Everything will be fine” “No stress” “Take it easy” “Calm down” and “All is well”. Once you are in the situation, repeat these mantras. Repetition of these mantras will bring positive emotions to you and also calm you down at the same time.

7. Play Soothing Tunes

Play Soothing Tunes
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Music is something that can instantly elevate your mood. Make a playlist of all soothing music or music that you like. Play it when you feel angry or stressed. You will notice that your mood changes instantly after listing to soothing music or tunes.

8. Start Journaling

Start Journaling

If you can’t say something or you do not want to create a situation then simply grab a book and pen. Start writing about the situation and how you feel about it. By the end of the activity, you will feel much relieved and calm. You can continue this practice daily for anger management. Remove some time of your day and write about the things you are grateful for or how your day went. Journaling is an effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, and anger.

9. Talk To Someone

Talk To Someone
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At times keeping things to yourself can lead to more anger and frustration getting built up. You can have a conversation with someone you trust, a friend, a parent, or any other person who will listen to you. Most of the time the other person also brings in a new perspective or possible solutions to a situation.

10.  Laugh


You can diffuse your anger with laughter. You can watch your favorite sitcom, go to a standup, scroll through funny memes, and watch funny or prank videos online. This activity will elevate your mood and divert your attention too.

Hope the article was fun and informative.

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