4 Benefits of Almonds For Your Health

If you don’t know, almonds are acknowledged as one of the most popular tree nuts across the globe. Because they are highly nutritious, millions of people consume them every second. Almonds have become a large part of the food culture, which is why thousands of dishes are made with them. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through some incredible health benefits of almonds for your body.

4 Benefits of Almonds For Your Health

1. Contain High Amount of Nutrients

Contain High Amount of Nutrients
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Not to forget, almonds are edibles part of the almond tree. Although they have roots in the Middle East, currently, the US is the largest selling hub of almonds. If you visit any store in the US, you will come across several packs of almonds. Because they are highly beneficial for the body, millions of health experts and fitness enthusiasts love to consume them. They are even sold in roasted and raw form to the customers. If you’re a big fan of almond milk, you must know that almost all of it is used to prepare it. Every 28 gram serving of almonds, consists of:

·3.5 grams of Fiber

·14 grams of Fat

·32% RDI of Manganese

·6 grams of Protein

·20% RDI of Magnesium

2. Rich in Vitamin E

Rich in Vitamin E
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If we talk about Vitamin E, it is a part of the fat-soluble antioxidants family. You must know, these oxidants carry the responsibility of improving brain health. So if you have a family history of Alzheimer’s, it is imperative that you start consuming almonds from today. Experts claim almonds contain the highest amount of Vitamin E. This is the main reason why a lot of youngsters are compelled to consume them every day during the early years of their college and university. Frequent intake of vitamin E is known for lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer.

3. Magnesium is Good For Lowering High Blood Pressure

Magnesium is Good For Lowering High Blood Pressure
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High blood pressure is acknowledged as a silent killer and one that can easily cause kidney failure. If you’re suffering from blood pressure issues and haven’t been able to control it through medicine, eating almonds every day can prove to be of great help. Experts claim deficiency of magnesium in the body is the sole cause of high blood pressure. If you don’t like to consume raw almonds, you can buy roasted almonds from the market. However, it is best that you learn how to roast almonds in the oven at home. This way, you can get clean and organic almonds at home without any preservatives or other chemicals on them.

4. Almonds Reduce Hunger

Almonds Reduce Hunger
Image Credits – Earth.com

Around 2 billion people across the world suffer from obesity, which means that they have no control over their hunger and food cravings. However, if you eat something that reduces your appetite level and suffices for the need of the body, you won’t have to worry about eating frequently. Because almonds are enriched with fiber and protein, both can easily suffice for the calorie intake of the body. Therefore, as soon as you eat almonds, you will easily be able to feel fuller.

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