All The Magic Lies In The Nose

Afraid of death? our nose has the ability to smell death

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God has given a unique capacity of smell to dogs which can help crack various mysteries. But humans are the immediate competitors to dogs in the matter of sensory power of ”smell”. According to a recent survey, it is proven that the nose is the first part of human body to encounter the upcoming news of death. When death is around the corner our nose detects it.

Don’t ignore your nose it can actually save your life

Just as animals can smell danger so can human. Even though there is a different kind of scent around us, our nose is able to find out the smell of danger that is death. After knowing that your nose can predict an impending death there are certain signs your body emits which needs to be seriously worked upon in order to escape death.

  1. You will witness breathing problems like gasping and panting heavily.
  2. When death is nearer, we are likely to sleep more or sleep regularly than usual routine.
  3. Bewilderment, confusion, and insomnia
  4. When the body is going to turn into ashes the skin starts to be parched, blistering and light.
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Life is a beautiful lie and Death is a painful truth

The biggest irony of life is that the person who wants to die counts days and person who is on death bed prays for survival. No one can escape death but one can certainly take precaution for fooling the ”God of Death” by following a healthy lifestyle.

Wrapping up

We may doubt the power of smell as mere a feature of the body. However,  it would be unjust to determine it as something to detect any harm but the nose is a blessing given to us.

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