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12 Ways To Ensure A Healthy Posture

Believe it or not, your gestures tell a lot about you. The way you eat, walk, and talk allows people to know about your personality type. Being confident and active delivers a positive impression on both you and the other people. So, it is crucial to maintain a normal, healthy, and active body posture. “But how to achieve and maintain a fit shape?” is a question asked by many. Well, here is the answer! 

12 Ways To Ensure A Healthy Posture

1. Train Your Back 

Many people have a back arch problem. They stand and walk with a bent back. One of the main reasons behind this is the lack of backbone strength. Your backbone and the muscles near it are mainly responsible for upper-body mobility. So, strengthening them will allow you to hold your upper body in its original position. It will fix the problem of back arching.  

2. Train Your Chest 

Along with your back, you should work on your chest as well. This will allow your upper body to look in a fit and muscular shape. A strong back with a muscular and strong chest is just like a cherry on the cake. Moreover, it will depict that you are into fitness and work out often.  

3. Stretch Your Neck Often 

Nowadays, most of our time goes into using mobiles, laptops, and reading books. All of these activities demand bending of the neck for prolonged periods. This can lead to chronic neck pain and discomfort. Also, it can affect our posture. Hence, we should practice neck mobility stretches at regular intervals. It will avoid any unwanted pain and will resist humping of the neck. 

4. Before And After Sleep Routine

One effective way to maintain a healthy body shape is stretching before and after sleep. Practice some posture balancing exercises for your different body parts a few minutes before sleeping and after waking up. When we sleep, our body stays in a specific position for hours. It causes stiffness. Hence, this before and after sleep routine will help us avoid any such kind of body stiffness. 

5. Avoid Prolonged Sitting 

Desk and work from home jobs demand a lot of sitting hours. This means that you have to spend a lot of time in a single position. Thus, there might be some unwanted invitation to pain and stiffness in the lower back, legs, and neck. To avoid such kinds of problems, talk some brisk walks at regular intervals of time. When in an office, you can take a bathroom break to stretch and relax your limbs. 

6. Exercise Everyday

It is an obvious point that everybody should follow. Correcting a body posture is all about choosing methods that benefit our health. Working out allows our muscles to grow and become stronger. As a result, your body gets in its original, active, and healthy shape. So, exercise at least thrice a week. 

7. Eat Healthily

Our body demands a specific amount of calories and nutrients to stay active and healthy. Anything below it will lead to a lack of energy. As a result, you might feel a burden in carrying yourself around. So, eat a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal in a quantity that your body demands. This will make you feel and look active and energized.

8. Ensure the Right Sitting Posture

While sitting on a chair, your body shouldn’t be too stiff or too relaxed. Sit in an active and upright position. Also, ensure that there is no arching of the back or neck for a prolonged time. If possible, try to support your lower back with a cushion or some soft stuff. 

9. Ensure Flexibility

Most bad posture problems are due to stiffness and lack of flexibility of the body. On the other hand, a flexible body is less likely to have a bad posture. This is because when you perform flexibility exercises, the muscles being stretched gain more strength. As a result, your body becomes more balanced. Moreover, your body gets rid of tension and stiffness. So, stretching and practicing yoga will allow your body to move in a certain way without any problems. 

10. Perform Dead Hangs

A dead hang is a spine stretching exercise. All you have to do is find a sturdy hanging bar at a level taller than your height. Now, hang on it for at least 20 seconds. Repeat the process at least three times. Also, keep in mind that it is important to relax every body part while hanging. This will decompress your spine making it stiffness-free. 

11. Identify The Weak Point

You should know about your weak point like “Are my shoulders too hunched?” or “Is my back too arched?” or “Is my neck humped?”. Almost everyone has had a weak point in their body posture. So, identify yours and focus on improving it.

12. Patience Is The Key

Your body posture doesn’t change itself on some random days. The formation of a bad posture is a slow process followed by all sorts of unhealthy living styles. So, you might not get positive results in a short duration (although a little late, the results will surely be seen). The key point here is to stay patient, have a strong will, and determination. 


A bad body posture is one of the common problems that people face. So, there is no point in getting demotivated while thinking about how you look or move. Instead, try to improve that habit. To maintain a healthy posture, you will have to apply for only healthy standards of living. Also, keep in mind a proper body posture while doing different activities like sitting or laying on the bed. Being conscious about the way you do common activities will allow you to reconstruct and maintain your body posture.

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