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13 Basic Ways To Save Fuel

In today’s era, we are dependent on machines and vehicles. So, fuel is one of the most important, valuable, and limited resources. Petrol, diesel, and coal are the basic types that machines and vehicles require. Also, the number of automobiles is increasing as the population continues to rise. So, this is obvious that the consumption of fuel will increase by a large percentage. Being a limited resource, we have to make sure that we conserve fuel before it’s too late. There are several precautions that one can take to make sure there is no wastage of fuel (specifically petrol and diesel). 

13 Basic Ways To Save Fuel

1. Drive Within Speed Limit 

When certain zones have a defined speed limit to stay under, it is not only due to safety reasons. The slower you drive, the less is the fuel consumption. You drive at a slower and safer speed. So, these speed limit zones help you conserve petrol along with safety.  

2. Turn It Off At Red Light 

At red lights, crossings, or in the places where you have to wait for someone, it is better to turn the engine off. When you sit in a car with its engine on to enjoy the AC or heater, it burns a lot of fuel to provide you these benefits. So, a little patience can save some decent amounts of fuel and money.  

3. Prefer Walking Or Cycling  

Now, this is a healthier way to conserve petrol/ diesel. If you are going to a local shop or in an area that is not too far from your home, walk or cycle the distance. This small step when taken multiple times will allow you to save several liters of fuel with the bonus of becoming healthier.  

4. Maintain Tyre Pressure 

Wheels are the legs of your vehicle. The right amount of tire pressure is similar to the perfect size of shoes for our feet. It makes sure that your vehicle doesn’t consume extra energy (or fuel). So, you should regularly check the tire pressure or the automobiles. 

5. Carpooling 

Let’s say a group of four friends wants to travel to a certain location. All of them have their private vehicles with plenty of fuel in them. But it is obvious that if they drive their vehicles, it would be more money consuming. Also, it would lead to wastage of fuel. But, if they all decide to choose one common vehicle to travel together, it would be less fuel consumption and more money-saving. So, one should carpool whenever possible.  

6. Purchase Fuel-Efficient Vehicle  

When buying an automobile, make sure to check that the vehicle is fuel-efficient. Along with other priorities like safety functions and engine power, good mileage should also be kept in mind. Although such vehicles might cost a little extra, investing in them will allow you to save fuel for the rest of your life. 

7. No Overloading 

Every vehicle has a defined, limited luggage and passenger capacity. Exceeding that will not only damage your vehicle, due to the excessive load, but the engine will also demand more power resulting in more consumption of fuel. So, keep your luggage as light as you can and prevent exceeding the passenger limit if possible. 

8. Prefer Public Transport 

Use public transports to travel to places that are often busy. Being in a traffic jam with your private vehicle can cause a lot of fuel consumption as you cover a few meters at a time (until the jam clears). But public transport allows multiple passengers to travel together. Hence, mass petrol/ diesel conservation takes place. Also, the number of vehicles on the road reduces as well.   

9. Proper Servicing 

Keep your automobiles well maintained. Ensure servicing on time. The healthier the engine, tires, and other body parts will be, the lesser fuel will the vehicle demand. If the vehicle is old, servicing might not increase fuel efficiency. But it will maintain a decent amount of fuel consumption. 

10. No Joy Driving 

“Hey! I am getting bored. So, let’s roam around our society in my car.” This activity is common these days (especially among younger people). Well, wasting fuel to kill time should be stopped. If one wants to kill time, try going to the nearest park to enjoy fresh air or to exercise. Petrol is precious. So, let’s not waste it on such kinds of things. 

11. Follow The PCRA Rules

PCRA or Petroleum Conservation Research Association promotes the conservation of petroleum. There are several rules and pieces of advice given by the PCRA that one can follow to ensure proper and limited usage of petrol. Some of their given bits of advice are-

  • Drive in the correct gear
  • Keep your foot off the clutch
  • Good braking habits

12. Be An Active Driver

Well, apart from all of the given precautions and tips the best piece of advice that anyone can give is your mind. ‘You have the steering wheel in your hands. So, do what you think is helpful for our environment. Take every step to save our environment and its resources. 

13. Generators And Machines

Many generators used in factories require petrol/diesel as fuel. So, it is important to save fuel in the industrial sector as well. Use these machines only when you have enough work to perform. It is suggested to use the employees’ unit whenever possible. (Make sure laborers and employees aren’t put under pressure and high loads of work just to save fuel.)


Fuel is a substance that provides energy to something or someone. The food that we eat is a kind of fuel. Petrol and diesel are the fuel for our cars and machines. The formation of this fuel takes millions is years! Hence, we need to try our best to save every single drop of fuel.

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