This Rescued Blind Owl That Holds The Universe In Its Eyes!

This is the story of Zeus – The Owl. Zeus is a blind Western Screech Owl whose eyes look like a scenery of the space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Zeus, the owl was provided with a home in the summer of 2012 at Wildlife Learning Center, USA. Before living at WLC, he was dealt with at a wildlife rehabilitation center, after he was found abandoned and visually impaired on somebody’s patio in Central California. Veterinarians fostered him back to well-being. However, they declared him “non-releasable” because of his loss of vision, keeping him from chasing and getting by all alone in the wild. It is believed that he just has around 10% of his vision.

Some more facts about Zeus

He now lives on a post on the file cabinet alongside the founder of Wildlife Learning Center, Paul Hahn’s desk.

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His sparkling eyes are the reason for bringing him the name, Zeus,  the Greek God of sky and thunder.

The galaxy-like element in Zeus’ eyes is probably the vitreous strands. He has eyes filled with a jelly-like substance called vitreous, which regularly has strands and bunches of collagen around it. Likewise, he doesn’t seem to have an iris or lenses.

Zeus is very loving. He likes being around people and playing with them. Every visitor who comes to the center loves to spend time with him.

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Wildlife Learning Center which is his current home indicates to the fact that he possibly had conjunctivitis, corneal degeneration, endotheliopathy and anterior uveitis, which was in all probability brought about by a traumatic incident like flying into something or being assaulted by a predator.

His condition does not bring about any sort of a pain to him and he’s generally cheerful and healthy. The staff takes exceptional care of him and the little western screech owl has turned into a major star with visitors and staff in the place.

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Owls have amazing camouflaging abilities. Even at his new home, Zeus keeps on using his inbreed disguise methods. Many have no clue Zeus is even in the room until somebody finds him out. In case somebody does notice the owl, they frequently think that he is a soft toy since he so quiet.

Hahn says, “When he wakes and opens his eyes, people are taken by surprise. We have had people nearly in tears when he uncovers his peepers.”

It is amazing how nature has its own way of surprising us!

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