How to Mix and Match Red Cushion Covers with Other Textiles in Your Home

Decorating a home is an art, one needs to have a good taste in designing to spruce up the space. But if you just want to remodel your house from the surface, starting with your living room is a great idea because this space is the heart of the house. For those who think budget is an issue, you can start simply by focusing on the seating arrangements.

If you’ve already got a great sofa, how about throwing on some pillows on it to amp up the look? Cushions or throw pillows are an ideal way to upgrade your sofa if you don’t have the budget to buy a new one. These decorative pillows, which were once reserved for the royals are now considered an everyday ‘luxury’. 

Add a touch of elegance to your living room by setting up several throw pillows on the couch, which spruces up the sofa and provides comfort to those sitting on it. 

If you want to go bold with your choice, red cushion covers are a must-try because they will act as the ‘lipstick’ of the sofa by quickly drawing attention. Good quality red cushion covers can bring instant freshness to your living room, especially if your living room has an earthy tone. 

If you think cushion covers in red won’t be the right fit, let us tell you how you can blend them with your existing decor.

1. Coordinate with your decor:

The key to blending red cushion covers in your living room is coordinating them with your existing decor. Bolder prints and colours, such as a cream couch, must be balanced with neutral tones.

2. Dare to go bold:

If you have a neutral-themed living room, you must dare to add a touch of contrast, such as having the wall with the TV painted red to match your bold new cushion covers.

3. Add textures:

Now that you’ve already chosen to go bold with red, you can add textures, such as opting for silk or velvet throw pillows. Fur cushion covers will be the next level of royalty that you will want to try.

4. Match with the curtains:

Since you are already experimenting with such a bold colour, you might want to keep things subtle and not go overboard. For example, your red cushion covers will look ideal when you place them on a white or cream couch and bring balance to your living room with red curtains. 

5. Add on other sofa accessories:

If you’ve got a huge couch, adding too many pillows won’t be a good idea. Keep the look well-balanced by adding a throw blanket. You will love this idea on rainy days when you want to ‘Netflix and chill’ on your sofa.

6. Match it with your carpet:

Cushion covers in red will look suitable when you match it with a red carpet, keeping the overall tone of your living room vibrant and warm at the same time.

With these easy home decor ideas, you can upgrade your living room without worrying about splurging over your budget. 

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