Are Shadow People Paranormal Or Normal? Know More About Them

Have you seen movies or TV shows portraying shadow people as existing beings? Shadow People affecting the lives of people in one or the other way? While there is no particular standpoint as to justify their existence, I have just tried to bring together all the concerning philosophies here in this article. After reading the article, I would suggest, you watch the movie Shadow people (2013). You’ll indeed have a thrilling experience and a more in-depth insight to shadow people.

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Shadow people is a perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure. They are interpreted by believers to be paranormal or supernatural indicating a presence of a spirit or other entity (Wiki). The favourite TV series Game of Thrones will give you an idea of who shadow people are. The instance where the Redwoman gives birth to a shadow in the figure and shape of Stannis Baratheon. The shadow then aims to kill Renly Baratheon and also succeeds in doing so.

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Some personal experiences and thorough research, therefore, provoked me to give my time to the study regarding the existence of shadow people invading the human beings. The experiences have varied from encountering a person in an outer garb of opaque material to someone else’s shadow in a black hue. Experiences have deviated from these mysterious beings as shy and harmless personalities to powerful and evil beings existing to hurt the ordinary people. But as with all such paranormal things, no one can be sure of their existence, and so we will only try to explore this topic by going through some theories.

Shadow people are different from ghosts concerning their unique details and traits. Spirits who are generally said to bear the physical features, clothing and accessories of the deceased person are different from shadow people who are described as featureless. The nature of these shadow people varied from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Movements usually as “unnatural”, they tend to either move very quickly or in a languid motion. Accounts about these shadow people vary from person to person. From inter-dimensional beings coming from a universe parallel to our own to being demonic entities, the theories have not been successful in establishing a strong base to vouch for the existence of these shadow people. Study of shadow people is indeed interesting but practically worthless. Until and unless a discovery is made about these shadow people, assuring oneself about their existence is just ridiculous.

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Possible Scientific Explanations

Hypnagogia – Experience of transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. This is also known as ‘ faces in the dark phenomenon’. Sufferers have reported seeing the hallucinations and acting out their dreams while unable to come out of their physical state of sleep.

Electromagnetic Fields-Interference of electromagnetic fields with the functions of the temporal lobe often causes hallucinations to occur. This might account for the witnessing of shadow people.

Pareidolia – The condition where the mind creates peripheral visions and considers them as being familiar. It does so by giving them faces, patterns and other familiar objects. This, in turn, causes hallucinations, often regarded as the reason behind the presence of such beings.

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Ultimately, everything is so vague about these creatures that one cannot ignore even a single possibility which might try to justify their existence. Till then we can consider the shadow people as a figment of our imaginations or maybe something more.

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