Non-Binary Style: 8 Gender-Neutral Fashion Tips

Looking to stray away from the binary and find your own new fashion style? Gender is a term and system created by society to categorize, and it doesn’t need to apply to your or your clothes.

Clothing doesn’t have a gender, despite all of the tags and labels suggesting otherwise. If you’re looking to go for a more gender-neutral fashion, these tips might give you a good jumping-off point. And remember that it’s about what you feel comfortable and fashionable in, not what a store or clothing tag says.

Subvert and Swap

You might initially want to lean toward the simple sweats or jeans and button-downs that are often marketed as gender-neutral. However, you can wear non-binary femme clothing, or dress more masculinely and still be gender-neutral.

If you’re trying to switch things up, try mixing and matching styles that are targeted as one gender or the other. Pair a skirt with a suit jacket and button-down or a tie with a dress. You get to make the rules with your own fashion and find what works for you as the best gender-neutral look.

Shop Across The Aisle

If you’ve just started creating your gender-neutral wardrobe, shop where ever you want. In a store that separates men’s and women’s, remember that you can and should shop all sections.

Figuring out how to look gender-neutral is a very personal journey, but you can start by trying on whatever catches your eye, in whatever section it happens to be from. Trying a variety of styles can help you figure out what looks best on you and what makes you feel the most confident.

Recycle And Reuse

A great strategy for shopping in any style is to try and reuse items and thrift whenever possible. And if you’re comfortable with it you could even organize a clothing exchange among friends to trade things for free.

The thrift store is a great place to find affordable fender-neutral clothing, but they may not always have what you need. And the sizing can be all over the place. If you need to shop at more conventional stores to figure out your style first that’s okay.

Find Your Favorites

We all have a few staples in our closets we would never leave home without. These items may be what allow you to feel most yourself. These essential items can help you determine your non-binary outfit aesthetic. And of course, you can always wear multiple aesthetics, and change up your style whenever you see fit.

A staple could be your favorite sneakers like some Nike Air Max, or another accessory you can’t live without. It could be some flashy button-down shirts or the perfect pair of pants that fit you just right. Think about the things you gravitate toward in your closet and consider what it is about those that you like.

The Basics

Along with your favorite items, you’ll want to acquire some basics that you can throw on whenever you need them. This may be some plain colored T-shirts and comfortable pants. Maybe it’s a skirt and some flannel tops.

Whatever makes you feel most yourself that you can wear on a variety of occasions and with a variety of things, those are your key basics. They will probably be more plain colors and match with several different styles so you can use them frequently without second-guessing your choice.

All Accessories

When you’re deciding what to include in your gender-neutral wardrobe, don’t shy away from accessories. They are a great way to play with and subvert both expectations and the binary. Paint your nails or wear fancy hats, gloves, or jewelry when you feel like it.

If you’ve always wanted to wear rings but didn’t feel they would look good, step up to the jewelry counter and actually find out. Don’t let past expectations or pressures push you into a style that doesn’t fit your personality. Experiment and try what you want. 

No Size, No Problem

Society doesn’t only implement a binary in gender but very specific size standards for beauty. You don’t have to have clothes that fit the way society expects or deems “acceptable.” Wear clothes how your comfortable, whether that’s baggy or all crop tops, it’s up to you.

Gender-neutral is marketed in a very specific way when it should be filled with vibrant looks and varying styles. You don’t have to wear high-waisted skinny jeans or loose shorts all the time because of other people’s gender expression expectations.

Bolder the Better

Being gender-neutral doesn’t always mean you want to wear beige sweats or office casual. You can dress more femme one day and entirely masculine the next depending on how you feel and identify most. Building a gender-neutral wardrobe is specific to what you like and what you feel best in.

Try out bold and bright colors. Mix and match patterns. Experiment with your style and the things you always wanted to wear but felt you weren’t allowed to because of how people perceived your gender. 

Your style is about you. Not everyone’s gender-neutral look will be the same, and that’s one of the best parts.

Fabulous Gender-Neutral Fashion

It is amazing how even gender-neutral fashion can be marketed and sold as a specific look. But when you are building your new wardrobe and becoming who you want to be, you can dress how you like and in what you like. Try on all kinds of clothes to see what suits you and what you like without anyone else’s input.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and combine a variety of looks. Gender-neutral fashion isn’t just one look. And if this helped you in starting to build your new look, keep reading for more great fashion advice.


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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