14 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Street Dog

While street dogs are often harmless, sweet, and fun to play with, there are times when we all have seen, if not faced, a street dog aggressively staring and barking at people either in real life or in a movie. So naturally, the next thought that strikes our mind after watching such a scene is, “What will I do if it attacked me?”.

Some people who have already experienced such a situation before know how to react. But for the inexperienced, here are some tricks to handle an aggressive street dog attack.

It is important to remember not to go around taunting and hurting street dogs, but instead only do as much as is needed to protect yourself if they turn aggressive.

14 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Street Dog

1. Don’t Panic

If a street dog begins to bark and growl at you, don’t jump, run or move your limbs too much. This will trigger the dog, and it may become angrier than before. As a result, you might get bit! So, instead, try to remain calm, stand straight and avoid any fast movements.

2. DO NOT Throw Anything At The Dog

Suppose the street dog is already angry and growling with its teeth out; you don’t want to stir the pot. In short, don’t throw any object at the dog! Even if you don’t aim to harm the dog, it might sense danger and hurt you!

3. Don’t Run

Running is not an option when it comes to handling an aggressive street dog. No average human can run faster than a full-grown dog, especially one from the streets. So, to avoid getting bit on your leg or getting tackled, stand still and wait for the right moment to fall back slowly.

4. Go Back

As discussed in the above point, running should be avoided, and instead, one should move back in the same direction from where you came and that too slowly and carefully. This will make the dog feel like it’s out of danger, and you will successfully evade any probable trouble.

5. No Eye Contact

Street dogs consider eye contact a challenge, and they become angrier. So, looking into their eyes will make them more aggressive as opposed to scaring them. That is why you should look down towards the ground or somewhere else. The critical point here is to avoid looking into their eyes.

6. Turn Sideways And Slowly Escape

The best way to escape such a situation is to turn sideways and wait until the street dog becomes calmer. Once they realize that they are not in danger, they’ll stop barking, and at this moment, as discussed earlier, you can slowly move away from the dog and to a ‘safer’ area.

7. Leave An Object To Distract The Dog

If you can find a stick, slowly place it in front of the dog, and the dog’s attention will shift. Otherwise, use a bag, a ball or an extra cloth, and slowly drop it down between you and the dog. It has been scientifically proven that the dog will consider it a boundary between you and is more likely to cool down.

If you don’t have any such object, take off your shoe and gently place it on the ground.

8. Be Confident

Some dog attacks can be avoided before even getting into any sticky situation. To do this, the next time, while crossing an area where you spot a dog that might be dangerous, walk confidently and don’t allow them to pick any sign that raises suspicion. This will enable you to pass freely without any problem.

Remember, you must only have as much confidence as is required to pass by without any problem; anything more will land you in a situation where you will be rendered powerless.

9. Cover Your Vulnerable Areas

If you see a dog approaching you or feel like it is about to bite, get down on the ground and curl up into a ball. Make sure to cover all of your delicate areas like the abdomen, ears, face, and groin, and make a fist to protect your fingers.

10. Ask For Help

While facing the dog, if you’re lucky enough to see people around you, ask for help. The important thing here is not to yell or shout as this might trigger the dog, as mentioned earlier. Instead, politely ask for help in a low tone.

11. Do Not Look Back

While you’re escaping the aggressive, dangerous situation after following the above-given step, don’t look back at the dog with a scared look to see if it’s following you or not. This might put you in the same situation you were in before! Instead, casually give a quick and small glance using your peripheral vision to ensure that everything is safe.

12. Defend Instead Of Attacking

If you’re lucky enough not to get involved in an encounter with a pack of dogs but only one dog, defend yourself. Do what brings you to the safer side, reduce the chance of being bitten, and do nothing else.

13. Cease All Movement

Cease all movement when you encounter an aggressive dog. If you are riding a vehicle and a street dog starts chasing and barking at you, stop your vehicle and stay still. The dog will lose interest in you. If not, throw an object far from you and ride away.


If all doors are closed, and the dog is biting you, do not try to pull your body part back from his mouth as this will increase the damage. Instead, hit it on its vulnerable parts like the neck, nose, and head. This will stun the dog, and you’ll be freed, with a chance to fly out of the situation.

A dog attack is one of the most common but dangerous incidents that happen daily in different parts of the world. Their bites can make us vulnerable to rabies and other infectious diseases. But if handled properly, this situation can be dodged without any damage.

Always remember to defend yourself only when there is a possibility of being attacked. Street dogs, like snakes, are often calm and in no danger unless provoked. Therefore, it is crucial not to taunt them but treat them as humanely as possible.

When you find yourself in an unfavorable situation, defend yourself and call the appropriate authorities.

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