Give Your Drawing Room Design A Makeover With These Tips

There are so many aspects to the drawing room design, and it’s a space where we spend a lot of our time, so you want to get it perfect. To complicate matters further, you must consider the fact that you will spend time in a living room at various times of the day, so it must function as well at midday as it does with the drapes drawn and lights lit. Starting with the fundamentals, choose paint colours and flooring that will create the tone for the area. We adore the dignified look of timber floors, especially when covered with rugs for added comfort.

Consider installing some cabinetry and bookshelves to help you make the most of the room’s height while also providing important storage. Make your fireplace a focal point by placing your sofas and chairs to face it and adorning the mantelpiece with photographs and ornaments.

How Does One Go About the Drawing Room Design Process? 

Begin with the room itself and plan out where all of your large furniture could go, such as your sofa, armchairs, and standalone bookcases. Certain things are obvious, such as placing an ottoman or coffee table in front of a sofa or between two facing each other, while others are wholly dependent on the available space. Once you’ve decided on that, examine the amount of light the living room receives to assist you select paint colours.

How to Select the Right Furniture for Your Drawing Room Design?

At that point, it’s time to think about how to pick living room furniture, taking into account how you use the space, what sort of couch you want, how many armchairs you can fit in, if you need a sofa bed, and the necessity of a coffee table or ottoman, as well as side tables for drinks. The appropriate furniture may drastically alter the atmosphere of a place. Consider the scale – you don’t want little furniture drowning in a large space, but enormous furniture may frequently help small living rooms.

Furniture may be vital in an open plan drawing room design for dividing up the area; a sofa with its back to the dining table is a useful method of separating the living space and the dining space. Before you make your final selection, consider how you use your furniture: do you want to recline on a squashy sofa, or is this a more formal space where you’d prefer to sit upright?

How to Accessorise Your Drawing Room Design

Finally, you may get to the exciting part: the fabrics and accessories. When it comes to curtains and blinds, the size and form of your window may influence your options, although there is a wide range available. Perhaps you want classic, elegant curtains made of thick linen or wool, or you prefer something brighter and chintzier for a more eye-catching look. In a tiny area, you could choose blinds, but consider buying them in a creative pattern so that they become a decorative element. Whether you choose rustic sisal, a trendy Berber rug, or a traditional Turkish carpet, almost every living area will require a decent rug. And what is a sofa without some lovely cushions? They’re necessary for bringing colour and design into a room.

Some Drawing Room Interior Design Hacks to Get You Started

Get Rid of Clutter 

Let’s admit it: clutter is never appealing, and it accomplishes nothing for your home. The first step in achieving a gorgeous design in your house is to get rid of everything you no longer need. Having fewer stuff will make it easier to keep everything properly in your available area, in addition to clearing your home and thoughts. This may become a massive effort, especially if you haven’t done a significant cleanse in a long time. But don’t give up; simply start with one little drawer and work your way through one area at a time. It will feel liberated when you begin, and you will get the energy to continue!

Get Crafty

It may seem strange, but the first person who could be interested in the stuff you dumped is…you! Many times, you’ll think you don’t like something anymore, but a creative day may give it a whole new appearance and make you fall in love with it all over again. Not to mention the joy of knowing you did it yourself!

You may find a plethora of simple and affordable options online, ranging from painting it another colour to adding decorations. They bring some pretty spectacular makeovers, and who knows, maybe they’ll inspire your next weekend project! Crafted items are also wonderful conversation starters and can help you leave your imprint in your house by incorporating your style and personality.

Choose Your Colour Palette 

The sense of coherence throughout the drawing room design is the most important aspect of a beautiful space. It demonstrates that you’ve put some thought into the overall décor of the area, and it’s a definite method to produce a high-end sense. So, before you move any farther, decide on a course of action. 

Examine a bunch of interior design styles and select the one (or a combination) that you prefer. Make a new Pinterest board and start collecting images of rooms and things you like. Then choose the colour palette you’ll employ, picking hues you enjoy and won’t get tired of. In other words, you must pick how you want your royal living room to look.

So, here you go. These were some of the most important aspects that you can keep in mind while planning your drawing room design. The idea is to come up with a space that resonates with your personality and helps you create a room that you would love to call yourself. But while these tips are enough to get you started on your drawing room design project, you might need expert help from professional interior design firms such as Livspace to give your drawing room the look of your dreams. 

Livspace is one of the most trusted interior design companies in the country and has designed hundreds of dream homes across the country. Visit their website to book a free consultation today. 


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