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20 Disadvantages Of Using A Cell Phone

Cell phones have, without a doubt, made life a lot easier for us, to the point that we cannot imagine our lives without them. It helps us not only in communicating but also offers knowledge and entertainment. Its advantages are numerous.

It is the most convenient and popular form of blessing that technology has granted us. Hardly do we find anyone these days who isn’t aware of the advantages of a cell phone. We all advocate for its profits, but its disadvantages are never highlighted or discussed openly.

20 Disadvantages Of Using A Cell Phone

1. Disturbed Sleep Cycle

Many people these days often complain about irregularities in their sleep cycle. One of the notable reasons for disturbing sleep is the cell phone. Using a mobile phone just before going to bed can be harmful as its radiations affect sleep.

2. Laziness

Mobile phones undoubtedly make life easier, but they are also the prime reason behind our unproductivity. Sometimes we become so adrift in the world of mobile phones that we prefer not going out or doing something productive at all.

3. Hinders Growth

Many parents these days have concerns about the growth of their children and their excessive use of mobile phones. Several studies have shown that children or people with higher mobile usage have limited overall growth. The ones who don’t use too many mobile phones have a comparatively higher rate of overall growth than those who do.

4. Health Issues

Mobile phones have been the reason for various health issues. They have time and again been the cause of several serious diseases. Doctors recommend limited use of phones for longer and healthy life.

5. Bad For The Eyes

Continuous gazing at your phone screen can be harmful to your eyes. People with high mobile phone users often have weaker eyesight. The screen brightness is the most triggering part for the extremely sensitive eyes.

6. Hearing Problems

We often thank cell phones for connecting us with people no matter where we are in the world, but we are unaware that speaking for a more extended period on the mobile phone can lead to hearing problems. About majority of ear problems arise because of the use of mobile phones.

7. Dangerous For The Brain

People these days are at a higher risk of an unhealthy brain. Using too much of a mobile phone can be the reason too. The radiations emitted from cell phones are so dangerous that they result in brain tumors, strokes, and significant migraine problems.

8. Stress

Too much of anything is always harmful, and that stands true in the case of technologies too. People have to struggle for good mental health, and the radiations coming from any technological device are stress boosting. Mobile phones have also played a crucial role in giving stress to humans, most commonly being the constant notifications and reminders.

9. Distracting

While using our phone for something important, we somehow land onto a notification, call, or some other application on our mobile phones because several features of mobile phones are too distracting. Not only are children the victims of these distractions but adults too.

10. Addictive

How many of us can pass a single day without our phone? Not many, I believe. And even if by some means we land up in a situation like that, our mind probably tosses around our cell phone. That’s how addictive the use of cell phones has become. People can live without necessities but cannot live without their phones.

11. Isolating

Mobile phones have become the reason why two people are comfortable in a single room without talking to each other. Nowadays people find a company with mobile phones rather than with people. Hardly anyone ever leaves their phones for a second to see the other person sitting next to them. Mobile phones result in complete isolation of individuals.

12. Crimes

Using mobile phones too often can often change the thought processes of individuals, primarily affecting children. Several criminals have often confessed that all the crimes committed by them have only been possible with the help of their mobile phones. The best example being cyber crimes and frauds, which all have one thing in common— cell phones.

13. Security Issues

Your mobile phone contains most of your private information. Losing your mobile phone can be the reason for the breach of your personal security. Also, with your mobile number, people can track you, so mobile phones can be the reason for several security issues.

14. Social Problems

Mobile phones often disrupt the social life of individuals. It is a hindrance in the way of leading a progressive social life. People, instead of enjoying the social life that is actually around them, are seen occupied by the “social life” in their mobile phones.

15. Safety Concerns

Cell phones are related to several safety concerns. Many malicious sites often take away the phone’s data and give exposure to sexual predators, cyberbullying, harmful sites, and in many cases, severe violence. The rising number of children being introduced to pornography is also alarming.

16. Exposure To Germs

Often our mobile screen contains an infinite number of germs, making our cell phone an unhygienic seat for several diseases. Several studies point out that the mobile screen contains more germs than the toilet seat! Guess this will make you think twice now whenever you take your mobile to the washroom or use it while eating.

17. Infertility Problems

The radiations emitted from cell phones are dangerous for pregnant women and can cause problems during delivery. Cell phones are also the cause of fertility problems in males who carry their phones in their pockets.

18. Anxiety

Mobile phones are considered the primary reason for increasing anxiety levels. There is a constant urge to check the mobile phones again and again, which leads to anxiety. Using cell phones for a longer duration can increase cortisol levels, and an increase in cortisol levels leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

19. Weight Issues

Children and often adults face weight gain and obesity, and the reason could be too much screen time that makes individuals bound to just one room. Hardly there is anyone who plays outside or walks in nature. We, humans, have reduced physical activities all because of cell phones.

20. Accidents

People while driving use cell phones, forgetting that they are going, making them and the people around them prone to accidents, using a phone while crossing the road, and texting while walking is one of the major causes of accidents.

To conclude, it is safe to say that cell phones have been an integral part of our life, be it professionally or personally, but their disadvantages should not be ignored.

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