Does The Oxygen Machine Need Atomizing Function?

Come to the shop to buy oxygen machine, more than 50% will ask whether there is atomization function, the reason to ask, the first is that some doctors will recommend, the second patient in the hospital oxygen inhalation and atomization at the same time, used to think with atomization oxygen machine is good.

So a question arises: does the oxygen machine need atomizing function?

Actually, oxygen machine had better not atomize function, reason

1. The core function of the oxygen generator is to produce oxygen

The Oxygen Machine

The atomizing efficiency of the oxygen machine with atomizing function is not as high as that of the individual atomizing machine.

The reason why the hospital should be used together is because it is an industrial integration to facilitate nurses and doctors to treat patients, if the mist machine is used alone to atomize patients.

Every bedside should prepare a fog machine, the workload of the hospital, custody, the cost will increase, the hospital is convenient management, save cost Angle, and the patient should be the best treatment effect for the Angle.

2. With the same brand, the price of oxygen generator without atomization is more affordable

Wool in sheep, you add an atomization function, on the manufacturer will increase the cost, cost, or your own pay.

3. The machine with atomization function has a higher after-sales rate

The atomizing function of an oxygen generator, need to connect a separate hole out, if there is a fault in the interface, it will lead to insufficient concentration and pressure of oxygen generator.

4. No atomization function of imported oxygen generator

Why does the imported oxygen generator have no atomization function? Is their technology not as advanced as ours? No, because after their research, they don’t think it’s necessary to integrate the atomization function of the oxygen generator into the oxygen generator.


molecular sieve

1. Compressor power is only a technical index. Judging whether an oxygen machine is good or bad depends on the whole, such as molecular sieve filling technology, four-way valve quality, component main board failure rate, etc.

2. Each oxygen manufacturer has not only one compressor supplier. It is very common to use Brand A today and brand B tomorrow. At present, the manufacturer’s biggest cost is the compressor and molecular sieve. This paper only writes the compressor, and the molecular sieve will be taken out separately.

Compressor data is public, such as how much power, although consumers do not know what brand they use, the power is the most direct data.

This can be more direct to know which manufacturers are conscience, which manufacturers are deceiving consumers.

Think back to the tech geek’s experience of buying a phone, computer, CPU, memory, screen resolution, and so on.

Buy oxygen machine is the same reason, see compressor power, molecular sieve, machine complete warranty time.

But the more power, the better the machine.

Take mobile phones, for example, we know that some domestic mobile phones have high CPU, but mobile phones will get stuck after a long time because the cache processing technology is not optimized well enough. The picture is pixelated, but the picture is not sharp because the aperture is not good.

One, oxygen machine oil – free compressor is what?

The oil-free compressor was born in France in 1969 yuan. Its function is to suck in air and drive the piston to compress it through the motor operation. After pressurizing the air, the refrigerant gas of high temperature and high pressure is discharged to the exhaust pipe.

What oil-free compressors are available on the market?

Domestic products are ranked in no particular order: Keqiu, Aneste Iwata, Boda, Nailian Electromechanical, Powerball, Changying, Jiajis, Fengbao, Denell. Data source: MAIGOO INC

Which brands on the market use these oxygen machines?

Xiaobian with familiar manufacturers, and the market open oxygen compressor manufacturers research, not a household compressor above.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a self-procurement standard for oil-free compressors within the oxygen manufacturer industry, which is specifically for the oxygen manufacturer’s ranking.

However, this data and ranking list are unknown to outsiders, and I can only ask one manufacturer after another, and then get the general ranking.

The order of ranking is to see which in the high-end oxygen manufacturer used more, indicating that this compressor ranking is higher.

I can’t give you the data because the data is not sufficient.

Iii. Common compressor Background of oxygen Generator:

1. Daikin compressor: The domestic production base is in Xi ‘an.

2. American Thomas compressor: The domestic production base is in Wuxi.

3. Domestic compressors: Guangshun, Shengyao and Yuqi compressors are all produced in Foshan, and Epli is located in Suqian, Jiangsu.

A lot of people buy things are worshiped foreign things, before I was also, but now a lot of domestic technology has been very mature, including oxygen machine parts assembly and compressor production research and development.

Many import brands have set up factories in China and have been completely localized, so some treasure and some east said the United States, Japan, Germany compressor are domestic.

And molecular sieves have been localized.

The same reason we buy apple phones is that the brand is American and the production and assembly are all domestic.

Which compressors are used by each manufacturer?

Imported brand:

Daikin: Use the domestic Xi ‘an Daikin independent intellectual property compressor.

Yingweikang: it has withdrawn from China and its products are now manufactured by Oges. The original imported machine USES American and Wuxi Thomas compressor. At present, domestically produced Yingweikang is manufactured by Oges, using Thomas compressor in Wuxi.

Asps: 5-liter VisionAire was manufactured in Thailand, assembled in Chengdu, using FASCO compressor. It was founded in New York, USA in 1911. The picture below was provided by Zhihu “Medical Oxygen Geek”.

Devebes: Use the Guangshun compressor, external use the Guangshun compressor body, use your own patent leather bowl.

Some friends will ask curiously, isn’t it good to say that the original package is imported from the United States, and That Guangshun is in China? After I confirmed this problem with Delbis, I knew about their coquel operation, which is to make the compressor of Guangshun in China first.

Then it was shipped to the factory in Delbes, where it was imported in its original form.

I think there is nothing wrong with this operation. Many of our clothes, mobile phone accessories and car accessories are also exported to foreign countries and then assembled and sold to China. They are imported and imported.

Philips: the 3-liter K3C-pH is the Yuqi compressor for the oxygen box OEM, and the 5-liter EverFlo USES FASCO and Wuxi Thomas Compressor and other brands of compressors.

Recently, some dealers reported that the noise of the machines began to increase after Philips used non-Thomas compressors.

In another sign of things to come, the Philips oxygen flagship store used to advertise machines that used Thomas compressors.

Omron: I asked Omron manufacturers, the reply is that the manufacturers do not disclose. According to the after-sales data reported by peers, domestic compressor is used, which is not detailed.

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