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7 Ways How to Help Animals

They are one of the most beautiful creations of God. We all adore them, be it our favorite pet or the one you came to know about through the internet. Many of us might claim that we are true animal lovers but being an animal lover does not mean showing love and care towards only your pet and mistreating other animals. Love should be implemented as a whole and not towards a single animal. This is actually the trend nowadays; we say we love animals and care for them, but in reality, we only show concern for our pets and become ignorant of others.

7 Ways How to Help Animals

1. Don’t Ignore

Every day we witness animal cruelty incidents, be it your locality or in your neighbor’s house, yet we decide to stay silent. Ignorance is the basic and prime threat because we cannot bring a change if we ignore it. We humans have a habit of turning a blind eye to seeing someone or something else suffer. Be it someone else’s pet or any other animal in the locality. Once we stop this and accept that there is wrong happening around us, we can change the conditions of animals.

2. Treat Them As Your Own

One fundamental flaw of the present times is that we don’t think about anything other than ourselves. This self-centering attitude and selfishness results in several crimes committed by us. If we treat animals as our own, then we can bring waves of change. If we can consider ourselves as our family, we can curb crimes against them.

3. Show Humanity

Humanity is the most valuable asset any human can possess. These days there are plenty of humans, but one thing that lacks most of them is Humanity. If we cannot feel the pain of animals, cannot sympathize with their situations and their sufferings, then it is a sheer mockery of humans and their humanity.

4. Speak Up

We often boost people to speak up for themselves and bring waves of change, but we never think that animals, who don’t have a voice of their own and cannot voice out their problems, also need someone to speak up for them. Animals don’t speak the words that we say, but we can help them to ease their sufferings by taking a stand on all the wrongdoings that they all undergo. Simply speaking up would mean we care for them.

5. Extend Hands Of Help

A helping hand is often the solution to many problems, and if we extend our help to animals, then their conditions would improve. Render small acts of service like building shelter for the street animals, giving food to the strays, keeping water in a bowl for the birds, and aiding their wounds. Not polluting the sea with wastes and plastic for the aquatic species is another significant step that you can take. All these steps would improve the conditions of animals all around you and the world.

6. Spread Awareness

Telling people around you and making them aware of the sufferings and situations that animals have to go through is the essential need of the hour. Educating people about several acts of cruelty endured on animals can be an eye-opener for society. Conducting medical checkups for the strays can also be practiced. Sessions can be conducted all around in which educators and activists spread awareness about animals.

7. Volunteer

There should be the availability of organizations and helpline numbers to meet the needs of animals, as there are still people who want to come forward to help the animals in need but do not know what steps to take. This easy access can reduce the crimes and sufferings that these animals have to go through. There should also be an abundance of foster homes and shelters and the people volunteering in them.

“If we don’t treat them right, we pose a serious question at our humanity.” The animals need us the most right now, and all they demand from us is love and care.
Is it really too expensive to give?
Think about it and be the change.

Are You Treating Them Right?

This is a serious question that one needs to answer, and this matter should be addressed on an important note. By answering this question, you will land into the harsh reality that trends in the present times.

Animals don’t demand anything, just a small act of love and concern would do fine, yet we humans have degraded humanity to such an extent that we not only cause harm to them but have also endangered many of their species.

Several animals are in the mode of being extinct, such as the Indian Cheetah and Sumatran Rhino, which went completely extinct in 2019. There are increasing incidents of damaged aquatic life, too, and every other day, we come across shocking incidents of animal abuse and cruelty. There is the merciless killing of animals at an increasing rate to suit the needs of humans. For science-related research or experimental purposes, animals have to undergo further cruelty. Several industries like textiles, leather, and cosmetics have caused threats to animal life and continue to do so.


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