• LifestyleBenefits Of Rose Water For Glowing Skin

    20 Benefits Of Rose Water For Glowing Skin

    In the beauty industry, rose water is a crucial ingredient. Many women have used rose water for ages. In fact, bathing in a rosewater pool was regarded as a ritual for queens and other royal ladies. Rose water is a calming tonic made from freshly picked rose petals. It is added to face packs to increase their effectiveness because of…

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  • Health and WellnessRarest Traits in Human Body

    10 Rarest Traits in the Human Body

    We all have something unique in ourselves, something that makes us different from everyone else. It can be a birthmark or something we do differently. But there are some traits that are so rare that it makes you stand out in a crowd. When we think about it, blue eyes must be the first thing that must that popped into…

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  • LifestyleDisadvantages Of Using A Cell Phone

    20 Disadvantages Of Using A Cell Phone

    Cell phones have, without a doubt, made life a lot easier for us, to the point that we cannot imagine our lives without them. It helps us not only in communicating but also offers knowledge and entertainment. Its advantages are numerous. It is the most convenient and popular form of blessing that technology has granted us. Hardly do we find…

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  • Facts

    What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?

    Just close your eyes. What do you see? Some visual sensation of varied patterns? Well, they are nothing but PHOSPHENES! It is derived from a Greek word- PHOS meaning “light” and PHAINEIN means “to show”. Phosphene is a sensation of light which is induced as a result of mechanical or electrical stimulation of the retina. Source: Curiosity Phosphenes are generated as a…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Some Great Tips to get a Sound Sleep!

    www.google.com First of all, I would like to discuss the disadvantages of lack of sleep. Have you ever thought about it– I’m telling you – NOPE! It’s not uncommon that with lack of sleep one tends to feel cranky and tired, and experiences a decrease in work productivity. Lack of sleep also greatly influences one’s appetite. Moreover, not getting enough…

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