The Fascinating tale of Guinness World Records.


Stranger things? No, I am not talking about the “Netflix and chill” series, but pondering about what would Guinness brewery, a distinguished beer company that has seen customers clicking beers over soccer games and Guinness World Records, a fascinating book that travels miles incorporating the odds of the world have in common.


Let me take you back to early 1950s to where it all began. It all started at a shooting party attended by several dignities coupled with beers and games. Out of which one of them was Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of Guinness Brewer who took utmost pride at his shooting skills. But, damn, he missed his shot at the game bird. In order to conceal that crack in his self-esteem, he nonchalantly said, “That must be the fastest game bird of Europe”. This sparked debate amongst his hosts.

All of them rummaged through the folds of their brain and pages of the books. However, nobody could come up with an answer as to who is the fastest game bird in Europe.


Sir Hugh uncovered the hidden opportunity and invited the twins- Ross and Noris McWhirter. They were fact-finding researchers who assimilated the unknown and made it known to the world. In a gymnasium converted office, the conscientious researchers relentlessly worked for thirteen and a half weeks. On the top of it, they even worked on weekends and public holidays. Tada!, they ultimately came up with the first ‘ Guinness book of world records’ which was published in 1955.


This book stretches across oceans and lands, in all directions and within every crook of the world. In the hope to record sundry human marvels and extremes of the world, the book travels. What was just a mere publicity idea for Brewer Company turned out to be a book that is marveled and read by millions!

Oh by the way, ever wondered as to who holds the record of longest sleeping hours?
No one.

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