The Impact Of Natural Landscapes On Our Well-Being

Think of a landscape that comes to your mind whenever you seek peace. Think of a place that reminds you of calmness. Think of a place that inspires you to go on a solo trip. Most of you would have immediately envisioned natural beauty as soon as you read those statements. Right? There lies a soothing, pacifying energy in those green lush valleys, and even science has proved that there’s a positive impact of beautiful landscape on mental calmness and stability. Let’s dig deep into the reasons for that.

Natural Landscapes Help You Unplug

The natural light you receive whenever you detach yourself from the chaos and stay in a peaceful landscape helps regulate your body’s melatonin production. It is a hormone that helps our body to maintain it’s sleep cycle. It controls our internal clock and makes us sleepy. The pineal gland (melatonin producing part) is directly affected by the natural light that enhances that gland’s functioning to make us feel rejuvenated when we wake up. It improves the quality of our sleep, as well.

Stress Hormone Levels Are Lowered

Compared to leisure activities like watching TV, going to movies, attending parties, etc., spending time in natural landscapes can help us fight stress better. It’s more successful in generating positive vibes. Besides making us emotionally fit, nature also helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. According to public health researchers, it also helps reduce the mortality rate.

Nature Makes Us Less Brooding

Research says that nature plays a significant role in stabilizing the emotional level of our mind. It also helps to curb the negativity residing within us. It also aids our performance in memory tasks. It also impacts the rumination (focused attention on negative aspects of oneself). According to one study, living and roaming in green landscapes help in the reduction of ADHD symptoms. It also helps generate a stronger sense of connection with others, more civility, and less violence. It is also observed that green spaces tend to have a lower crime rate as well.

Natural Landscapes Boost Our Serotonin Levels

Natural spaces also help us stay calm and improve the human mind’s tolerance. Research says that Mycobacterium vaccae, a harmless bacteria commonly found in soil, can act as a natural antidepressant by increasing the release and metabolism of serotonin in parts of the brain that control cognitive function and mood. This bacteria is also quite successful in decreasing inflammation in our immune system and alleviating several cardiac issues and diabetes.

An Understanding Of Biophilia

According to E.O Wilson, humans are hardwired to connect with nature and other forms of life. This urge to connect to natural beauty is known as the Biophilia Hypothesis. Even today, many city planners are trying to integrate the concept into their existing infrastructural plans. Such biophilic cities prove that humanity is recognizing not only the aesthetic power of nature but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of it.


As correctly stated by someone, “Getting lost somewhere in nature helps us find ourselves.” This clearly indicates that the inner power within us needs that soothing and pacifying calmness that the human mind, in this era, is constantly seeking to replenish itself. We really need to incorporate the peace that nature brings into our lives to understand our minds better in the future. Trust us, that truly helps a lot!

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