23 Ways To Become A Better Creative Writer

Writing requires hard work and dedication to become a better creative writer. If you’re a reader who loves to read any piece of work, be it novels, blogs, feature stories, or short stories, then you might have once thought of writing something on your own. I bet many of you must have even started writing, some leaving it halfway because of writer’s block or because you don’t have time for it. Some might have even completed it but are now stuck, determining where and how to publish.

Here are some big 23 ways to become a better creative writer

  1. Many writers failed in the beginning. But, with determination, they succeeded. So can you!
  2. Never accept failure; instead, we should try and keep pushing ourselves to try to be better so that we can achieve our goals.
  3. Keep writing, keep exploring. Always try researching various topics, taking references from your reading books, and giving creative twists or ends.
  4. Try modifying someone else’s story to test your writing limitation. Try overcoming those limitations once discovered.
  5. Do not confuse your procrastination with writer’s block. Trust your originality!
  6. Rejection is never for your work. Write again. Never let rejection knock you down. You knock down rejection instead.
  7. Ideas are everywhere. Trust your instincts. Travel, socialize, and experience life. Then, write.
  8. Become novel-ready by writing short stories or flash fiction first because both have the same five elements. You master the short story; you master the novel.
  9. Read everything. Discover many alternate universes. Experience places, meet characters, and get to know diverse conflicts as other writers see them. Then write.
  10. Conflict is the soul of a story. Don’t just meander through the story; let the protagonist have some major trouble in life. Solve that.
  11. Keep track of the parts of the story to write a good story.
  12. Literary fiction and popular fiction are different. The former is an art and will hence get you critical acclaim, whereas the latter is entertainment and will get you more money. Be clear about what you precisely want out of your writing.
  13. Dialogues are important because they move the plot forward. A description is important because it creates the perfect mental image! But the right balance is the most important.
  14. Mixing POVs is easily avoidable. Be clear about who the narrator is from the start.
  15. Never mix narrative tenses. Pick one and stick with it to ensure coherence and ease of reading.
  16. If elements help with the craft of writing, literary devices are tools that make writing sparkle. The trick is never to overuse the devices.
  17. Author editing can easily be mastered. Never submit unless you are sure it is edited at your end.
  18. Good features include great titles, appropriate images, interesting openings, convincing arguments, and proper conclusions.
  19. One of the best ways to write a good news story is to use 5Ws and 1H. 
  20. Writing a screenplay is about using the correct format and exact words to describe scenes that flow from one to the other.
  21. Good advertisements are always about capturing emotions related to the focus feature of the product.
  22. Being an authorpreneur is very important, even if you are traditional or self-publishing. Marketing is essential for authors.
  23. Sing in the shower; dance if you feel like it. A joyful, uninhibited person has a fresher take on life and thus can pour out creative thoughts in their work!


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The Bottom Line

There are many aspiring writers all over the world. Everyone is trying to put out their story in the market but has faced various rejections or maybe has left it incomplete. Many lack motivation or confidence, but as we all know, without failure, there’s no success in any field of work or life. Every famous individual in the world has faced many difficulties and rejections, then reached the position they are in now. 

For instance, J.K Rowling, the writer of the famous book Harry Potter and the series, faced many rejections from publishers but never gave up and became the first billionaire author worldwide. So just like JK Rowling, anyone with pure passion and determination will surely achieve their goal of becoming a successful author.

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