7 Creative Writing Tips For Children

Writing is one of the best ways to express your thoughts and ideas. Writing also helps in translating creative thoughts into words so that the world can read them. Children have great imaginations and guided support from parents and teachers is important to nurture this talent. Encouraging children to write a story gives them confidence and puts their grammar and reading skills into practice.

In the 80s and 90s, children used to copy explanations from blackboards as a lot of writing was involved in those days. But, in current times, there is little time left for writing creatively. Some children have a natural urge to write from time to time, and with a little guidance, you can take a structured approach to your child’s story writing. Here are some creative writing tips for children.

7 Creative Writing Tips For Children

1. Encourage Reading

Encourage Reading
Source: Today’s Parent

Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you read a lot, then there are good chances that your writing will get more creative. Encourage your kids to read at least 4 to 5 books in a month. Those who master the art of writing are said to read about 1-2 books per day. Introduce them to different books from different genres ranging from science fiction to drama to comedy. You become a writer by reading. Vigorous reading will lay the foundation and develop the creativity that will make your child a good writer.

2. Writing Camps

Writing Camps
Source: Pinterest

Summer camps are the best way to learn and improve interest areas. You can get your child enrolled in writing camps happening in nearby locations. A lot of organizations offer creative writing exercises for kids of different ages where your child will be exposed to a professional way of writing. Post the workshop, you will see a lot of difference in your child’s writing ability. They will eventually be able to play with words while writing.

3. Get Them A Mentor

Get Them A Mentor
Source: National Association for Gifted

If you feel that your child has a knack for writing, then there is no harm in getting a writing mentor for them. Find a writer who has written extensively for magazines, newspapers, or a book. Let your child interact with the writer and ask their doubts and queries. Such a mentor will make your child more excited about writing. 

4. Writing About What They Love

Writing About What They Love
Source: Scholastic

The easiest way to get your child focused on writing is to ask them to write about things they love. It could be dinosaurs, cars, bikes, animals, or any hobby that they enjoy. If they love writing about a certain topic, then introduce them to more facts about the same. Ask them to research and then summarise their understanding. Writing about things they love will be easy for them. Moreover, they will also feel excited about the same.

5. Take Subscriptions

Take Subscriptions
Source: Bright Horizons

Since reading is essential for creative writing, taking subscriptions of magazines is a good step towards introducing your child to writing. You can also subscribe to a local library from where you can rent books for reading. Surprise your child with one book every week and give them enough time to read. Pick a book or magazine from the genre that they like. A lot of magazines and books from fiction, non-fiction, and poetry genres are available to buy, so make the most of them.

6. Writing Board Games

Writing Board Games
Source: TheSchoolRun

Children love games and board games are fun to play. A lot of board games like Boggle, Jabberjot, etc. involve word creation. The players have to either create words or write a short story based on words they have. Playing these games with your children will encourage them to write more and more. Moreover, these games are timed, so they further improve the thinking ability of the mind.

7. Writing A Journal

Writing A Journal
Source: Military Family Life

To cultivate the goal of writing, a habit of keeping a journal is a good idea. There are no restrictions in writing a journal in terms of storyline or theme. Children are free to write whatever they want to write. It can even be something as simple as their experience of the day that has just passed. Giving kids the freedom to explore their own voice and interests will develop a deep foundation for their writing skills. 

Developing a reading habit is important to improve writing skills. Let your child write freely so that their creative thoughts flow naturally. Praise them for their writing snippets no matter how small they are. Encourage them to write with an open mind and have faith in their writing, and before you know it, you would have polished a diamond in the rough.

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