• Educationways to become a better creative writer

    23 Ways To Become A Better Creative Writer

    Writing requires hard work and dedication to become a better creative writer. If you’re a reader who loves to read any piece of work, be it novels, blogs, feature stories, or short stories, then you might have once thought of writing something on your own. I bet many of you must have even started writing, some leaving it halfway because of…

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  • EntertainmentBenefits of Reading on a Regular Basis

    16 Benefits of Reading on a Regular Basis

    Since time immemorial, reading has been laid quite a stress upon. When a child enters school, he is provided with reading and writing books, and the teachers make sure to nurture those skills primarily. All of us still remember how we were often asked to recite ABC or short kindergarten poems. Children participating in several poem recitations and reading competitions…

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  • Education7 Creative Writing Tips For Children

    7 Creative Writing Tips For Children

    Writing is one of the best ways to express your thoughts and ideas. Writing also helps in translating creative thoughts into words so that the world can read them. Children have great imaginations and guided support from parents and teachers is important to nurture this talent. Encouraging children to write a story gives them confidence and puts their grammar and…

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  • Health and WellnessImprove your mood - Start Journaling!

    4 Benefits of choosing Journalism

    Penning down your thoughts, ideas, and goals can boost your mood and reduce mental health risks like anxiety, stress, and depression. Journaling is not just an act of writing on a piece of paper but also a practice involving rational thinking. Every individual needs to have a healthy relationship with their mind, and one can achieve that with regular and…

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  • Facts

    4 Words That Can Help Unlock Your Feelings Better

    Our lives are all about words. Words connect different human lives and impart meaning to them. Whenever we pick up a dictionary, we find so many words to describe ourselves, personally and emotionally. However, sometimes those words aren’t enough to connect with us. They may not emotionally appeal to us. Often, we find ourselves in situations when we want to…

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