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17 Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk Food

Junk foods can be a treat for the taste buds, but their negative effects are widely known. Their regular consumption can have negative effects on health and cause irreparable damage to the body. These foods can eventually make your brain weak and non-functioning. Eating junk food affects both physical and mental health.

Any food with zero or negligible nutritional value, high in fats and trans fats, can be called junk food. Most fast foods, including candy, sodas, baked goods, and burgers, along with salty and fatty foods, can be called junk food. The more we consume these foods, instead of healthier and more nutritional options, the lower the intake of essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed for the body.

Here Are The 17 Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk Food:

1. Causes Obesity

harmful effects of eating junk food
Source: prevention

A very common side effect of junk food. Junk food is full of calories, sugar, and fat, which are the main causes of obesity. In addition, obesity causes various problems such as joint pain, diabetes, and various heart diseases. Therefore, it is important to reduce the intake of fast food.

2. Causes Learning And Memory Problems

Source: educationweek

Eating sugary and fatty foods can impair the brain’s ability to learn. This is supported by research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Excessive consumption leads to lower scores on academic tests, according to research. The hippocampus area of ​​our brain is responsible for learning and memory. Eating sugary foods causes sudden swelling in that region.

3. Affects The Respiratory System

Source: urgentcare

Fast food is always high in calories. Obesity will lead to respiratory problems such as shortness of breath and asthma. It can also put pressure on the lungs and heart. Walking, exercising, and riding in such conditions make breathing difficult.

4. Affects Children’s Health

Source: nfcr

Junk food is bad for your child’s health. Children are prone to breathing problems. According to research, children who eat fast food at least three times a week are more likely to suffer from asthma.

5. Adverse Skin Reactions

Source: thestatesman

Usually, pizza and chocolate are the culprits for acne. However, carbohydrates are behind such skin problems. Foods high in carbohydrates cause your blood sugar to spike and cause breakouts.

6. Adverse Effects On The Central Nervous System

Source: scitechdaily

According to recent research and studies, people who eat processed sweets and fast food are 51% more prone to be diagnosed with depression as compared to people who eat little or no such food. Takeout food may satisfy hunger in the short term, but the results are less favorable in the long term.

7. It Can Affect The Reproductive System

Source: parents

Ingredients in fast food can affect women’s fertility. According to recent studies, processed food contains phthalates.

Now, what are phthalates?

These are chemicals that usually interfere with the body’s hormonal activity. Exposure to high levels of chemicals can cause reproductive problems, including birth defects.

8. Adverse Effects On The Skeletal System

Source: drshikhasharma

Fast food is high in sugar, which can increase the acidity in your mouth. Such acids can dislodge dentures. As dentures wear, bacteria can grow and cause cavities.

Carbohydrate intake can lead to obesity, which can affect muscle mass and bone density. That’s why obese people are more prone to fractures. Eating whole foods and exercising can really strengthen bones.

9. It Kills Appetite

Source: parade

You can enjoy junk food because it keeps your stomach full for a long time. However, there is a catch! These foods are high in carbohydrates, which can affect your appetite. Then you could lose your job. Therefore, loss of appetite is one of the side effects of junk food.

10. Causes Digestive Problems

Source: clevelandclinic

Overeating is one of the serious side effects of fast food. Due to fluctuations in blood sugar, people may eat more than they need. The brain needs more food than it needs. As a result, various problems related to malnutrition occur, adding to the negative effects of junk food consumption.

11. Depression

Source: verywellhealth

Junk foods are loaded with sugar and fat that can cause certain chemical reactions in the brain, making it difficult to function. The body can lose essential nutrients and amino acids. These symptoms can eventually lead to the brain’s inability to cope with stress and can make you feel depressed.

12. Inadequate Growth And Development

Source: clevelandclinic

Lack of nutrients and vitamins is one of the many negative effects of junk food. Nutrients and vitamins are essential for the proper growth and development of the body. Unhealthy eating habits, even if they involve the consumption of junk food in small quantities, combined with an imbalance of fatty acids and nutrient requirements, can hinder the development of the body parts. Excessive intake of soda and sugar can also lead to tooth decay and the weakening of the bones.

13. Swelling

Source: atlasbiomed

Some packaged foods and fast foods contain sodium. Additionally, extra sodium is sometimes added as a flavor or preservative. Too much sodium can make it difficult for your body to retain water, causing your stomach to bloat.

14. High Blood Pressure

Source: lark

Fast food is usually heavy on sodium, which can raise blood pressure or cause heart diseases. Trans fats and saturated fats cause triglyceride levels to rise.

15. Blood Sugar Levels

Source: cdc

One of the most visible side effects of a fast diet is an increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Egg whites are high in sugar, so insulin spikes in the body can cause obesity.

16. Heart Disease And Stroke

Source: clevelandclinic

High in salt and saturated fats, junk food can raise cholesterol and increase blood pressure. These two factors are the two main causes of heart disease and stroke.

17. Dental problems

Source: raisingchildren

Sugar and dietary carbohydrates quickly produce acid that can damage tooth enamel and reduce dental hygiene. In addition, added salt and sugar in food quickly sticks to the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and cavities.


As we know, nutrition is key to healthy growth and development. Junk food has no essential nutrients. Such bad habits and malnutrition can affect the development of the brain and other parts of the body. As a result, nutritionists prohibit the excessive intake of processed foods because of the adverse effects on growth and development.

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