Weirdest Cakes – You’ll be shocked to hear

 The cake is a dessert made from the mixture of flour, eggs, sugar and other ingredients baked and mostly which is beautifully iced and decorated. Earlier cakes were just modification of breads but today we have a huge variety of cakes to make our special day even more special. From simple regular cakes now we have an option for customization as well. For every occasion birthday, anniversary and wedding we have wide variety of cakes which includes sponge cake, cream cake, butter cake, pounds cake, coffee cake and much more.

What if I tell you there are some weird cakes too that will really shock you. Yes, some cakes are weird and even hard to believe that they exist. But trust me there are some that will blow your mind. Here are some of these –

1. Tomato soup cake

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Shocked? I am sure most of you will be. But it is said that it doesn’t tastes like a whole tomato soup, it is a must try. It is believed that when short of money Irish immigrants used to bake this cake with fresh ingredients like ground spices, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, butter, eggs, condensed tomato soup and some other ingredients.

2. Coconut cake with semolina, orange and rose water

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This cake has countless varieties but it is unknown combination. It is believed that the cake is quiet famous in North Africa and Middle East. This cake takes a bit long for baking but it is delectable. The cake is baked with dried coconut and sweet condensed milk. Further orange flavour is added and after baking rose water is put over it. Sometimes to give a more variation to the cake rose petals are added for garnishing.

3. Carrot cardamom cake

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Seems strange, Right? Well, some carrots are tasteless but these carrots aren’t used. The blend of yogurt with carrots gives the cake moisture and most importantly a pinch of cardamom gives an appetizing flavour which makes this cake unusual but very luscious.

4. Green pandan chiffon cake

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Yet another uncommon cake which most of you haven’t heard about it, but this cake is beautifully baked emerald green color. ‘Pandans’ are tropical shrub or grass which juice is used to make this cake. This cake is very much adored from Indonesia to Singapore. The cake has vanilla like flavour and some of the main ingredients include fresh pandan leaves, eggs, coconut milk, baking powder and cake flour.

5. Naughty dirty cake

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The cake has icing or decoration of sex organs like cake in the shape of penis, vagina, balls, butt or even buttholes. It is believed that the icing is made so realistic that gives a more actual look to the shapes.

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