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Dust-Off Conventional Diets: Move On To Ayurvedic Diet Plan

Many of us battle to opt for a weight-reduction plan and avoid sickness but fail to do so due to our day-to-day schedules. But Ayurveda proposes a very simple diet plan in all its scriptures and it proposes if one follows it religiously, it’s a vow that he/she wouldn’t need many counselors in existence. Not only this, even the harm that one has done by eating the stuff that was not meant for the human body can also be overturned and the body can be rebuilt if one just sticks to this ayurvedic diet plan.

Dust-Off Conventional Diets: Move On To Ayurvedic Diet Plan

5 Benefits of Ayurvedic Diet Plan over Conventional one

  • Unlike conventional diet plans, we don’t need to consult many dieticians or doctors. The Ayurvedic diet plan is customizable according to your body type rather than following any strict diet plans.
  • Ayurveda stresses the fact that we should eat food in the season rather than what is in fashion and remedies using food and spices that are easily available in our kitchen like turmeric, black pepper, milk, beans, etc. Hence, we don’t have to spend much on maintaining our diet plans.
  • There is a reason why nature grows certain fruit or vegetables in a specific region, this is the reason why the Ayurvedic diet plan, unlike conventional diet plans, suggest eating local food. For instance, choosing coconut over avocados, though avocados are healthy but still foreign to the Indian body. Local food gets easily assimilated into our body providing proper nutrition.
  •  Ayurveda breaks the myth that healthy food cannot be pleasant to taste, rather it says if our food doesn’t taste good to us, we won’t be able to receive its benefits.
  • Along with weight management, the Ayurvedic diet plan also helps us in dealing with anxiety and improves mood.

Ayurveda tells the proper time for eating

Ayurveda tells the proper time for eating

Ayurveda is possibly the only system of medicines that promotes not just the food itself but WHEN? and HOW? it is to be taken. Even the decent food when eaten at the wrong time can lead to the accretion of toxins in the body, which then outcomes in diseases. This is what makes Ayurveda so wide and healthy in handling with diseases from its base.

How do we eat daily to treat the diseases just by the food we eat?

First, know the time of sunlight and sunset in your region. It is between this time interval that you should eat. Ayurveda says our digestion mainly banks on the sun as our digestive fire rises as the sun rises, gets to the maximum when the sun is at its maximum, and saturates at the sunsets. The ayurvedic text instructs that any food eaten after the sun has set won’t get properly digested in the body. This accumulates as toxins and then proposes to health issues.

According to Ayurveda, over 95% of the diseases arise from the stomach. So, there is an eating window that mother nature has decided for you and the other times you are at fast.  After sunset the only thing proposed by Ayurveda is MILK. This is because the crucial enzymes expected to digest milk are secreted by the body only then. Having milk 30 mins before sleep can calm your body down and induces a good nap.

Ayurveda Meal Plan

Ayurveda Meal Plan

Ayurvedic diet plan also indicates you to eat the Brekkie like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. While it has slight little annotations to it.

Breakfast Like A King

It implies that you should be cautious while choosing the food to get adequate nutrition. They should be sufficiently balanced like fruits before breakfast, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fats, proteins to keep you full for long, veggies for vitamins and minerals.

Lunch Like A Prince

The prince is normally young and can better digest the heaviest meal of the day. YES, according to Ayurveda your lunch should be the heaviest as during this time the sun is at its maximum so are our digestive flame. So, once a while if you prefer sweets or fatty food the lunchtime is accurate.

Dinner Like A Pauper

After twilight, one can’t digest food properly so dinner should be kept extremely light. There is some food that is precisely regulated during dinner like Bananas, Radish, Curd, Cucumber. They are extremely cold quality food that the body refuses to absorb.

Now, what exactly should we eat?

Now, what exactly should we eat?
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Ayurvedic diet plan necessarily suggests that the Aahaar we accept should be SATVIK, SEASONAL, LOCAL, FRESH, & TASTY.

What is SATVIK?

Arisen from the word SATVA i.e. food full of sincerity, these incorporate Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Fresh Cow Dairy, Wholegrains & Legumes. It also suggests to curb Rajasic food i.e. food heated in the additional quantity of oil, salt, sugar, eaten too hot and spicy or too cold, reserved from that Tamasic food (foods of ignorance), including frozen foods, stale foods, intoxicating foods, preservatives loaded, packaged without diets and all non-veg, wreak havoc physically as sufficiently as mentally and are therefore precisely prohibited.

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