• LifestyleEasy Ways To Click Instagram Worthy Photos

    10 Easy Ways To Click Instagram Worthy Photos

    When Instagram came into existence in 2010, things were a lot different from the present time. All those grainy and blurry photos are now history. Smartphones have been upgraded immensely, and so are the cameras! All thanks to significant developments in technology. Not everyone wants to carry a bulky DSLR, while almost everyone has a smartphone to click photos on…

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  • Health and WellnessHealthy Foods That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy

    9 Healthy Foods That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy

    Healthy food is the one that looks green or comes with 100% gluten-free or all-natural written all over, isn’t it? If you’re someone who believes in this and chooses products like this might need to stop. Not all products that advertise being nutritious are healthy. They do contain natural ingredients but this is usually washed off by their natural health…

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  • Health and Wellness

    6 Natural Health Benefits of Consuming Jaggery

    In India, it is a tradition to include jaggery in different food items. It is also a custom to eat it before you do something good, same as having a curd-sugar combination. This brownish sugary thing is way better than the refined sugar which we use and thus, we can definitely replace sugar with them on our kitchen shelves. It…

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  • LifestylePopular Vegan Restaurants in India

    10 Popular Vegan Restaurants in India

    Be it fashion, health, or food everything changes with time, nothing remains untouched Veganism is the new lifestyle trending in the market. People are confused between vegetarian food and vegan food. Vegan food excludes every kind of animal-based product and encourages a healthier and cruelty-free diet. If we look at the latest trends in the food industry, more and more…

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  • Educationways to retain more of every book you read:

    8 Ways To Retain More Of Every Book You Read

    Reading is a splendid way to expand your knowledge, improve your language skills, and engage your mind. It’s a hobby for some and a task for some. However, many people struggle to retain the information they read. If you’re one of them, these are some ways to retain more of every book you read: 1. Set a purpose for your…

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