• Educationways to become a better creative writer

    23 Ways To Become A Better Creative Writer

    Writing requires hard work and dedication to become a better creative writer. If you’re a reader who loves to read any piece of work, be it novels, blogs, feature stories, or short stories, then you might have once thought of writing something on your own. I bet many of you must have even started writing, some leaving it halfway because of…

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  • FactsWattpad writing: tips and tricks

    7 Useful Tips To Become A Recognized Wattpad Writer

    Wattpad is a website as well as an app for readers to read free books and also for writers to publish their works. It’s a completely free app all we need to do is register. The main aim of Wattpad is, to create social communities through stories for both amateur and expert writers. It has a total of 80 million…

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  • FactsThe Power Behind Imperfect Beginnings

    The Power Behind Imperfect Beginnings

    There comes a time in our life when things don’t turn around as per our expectations. We usually consider that as our failure. People usually tend to follow personalities who are extremely successful in their journey and then try to follow the exact same path and then they stump upon the unexpected hurdles and uncertain obstacles and then they term…

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  • Health and WellnessThe Art Of Manifestation

    The Art Of Manifestation

    Have you blown an eyelash off your hand making a wish? Have you thrown a penny into a “make-a-wish” fountain? Have you lifted your legs up over railroads wishing for that one thing? If you answered yes to any, what you have been practicing is called manifestation and there is an art to it. “Do not die with your music…

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  • Factsbillionire Barber

    Ramesh Babu the Billionire Barber

    Have you heard of the Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu from Bangalore? He owns a fleet of more than 400 cars including  A Rolles Royce, Mercedes-Maybach S600, BMW, and Jaguars.  This is just the beautifully ornamented external facade of his successful life. His humble beginnings: If one would dig deeper, his was a life of adversity and poverty which he won…

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