Things A Coffee Lover Needs To Know!

The only thing I need in the morning is a cup of coffee to get through the rush and humdrum of the upcoming day. I’m a huge coffee lover and I am sure that it’s not just me.

SO, here are all the facts that a coffee lover needs to know.

1. New Yorkers Are The Largest Coffee Consumers In The USA

New York is the only thing that comes to our mind when we talk about coffee. People in New York consume seven times as much coffee as is consumed by the rest of the U.S.A. No wonder one can find hundreds of coffee shops in New York City as this is the only thing that ties the city and it’s people together. Thereby New York becoming the largest coffee consumer in the U.S.A.

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2. Best Time To Have A Cup Is Between 9:30AM-11: 30 AM

Cortisol levels rise three times a day, so the most effective times of the day to drink coffee would be 9:30AM-11:30 AM. According to a study, having a cup of coffee at night not only keeps you awake but also messes up with our body in a way that confuses our body as when to sleep and when to wake up. Thereby it is suggested not to drink coffee six hours before going to bed.

3. Politeness is all you need to enter a South French cafe

Saying Bonjour in a French Cafe is something that is mandatory if you don’t want your coffee to be expensive. Not only bonjour but basic adequates of saying Au Revoir is all you need to know if you do not want your coffee to be expensive. Yes! This cafe will charge you extra for your rudeness but on the other hand, will also provide you with great discount for your politeness. Happy Coffee!

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4. Where Did Cappuccino come from?

Capuchin Friars is where the name cappuccino is taken from. The color of the espresso mixed with frothed milk looks somewhat similar to the role of the members of the larger Franciscan order of monks. Despite the fact that the name came from, this Italian drink still continues to be one of our favorites.

Source: The New York Times

5. More the Coffee, the Lesser the Risk of Liver Damage

According to research four cups of coffee, a day may be good for your liver. It apparently reduces the risk of Cirhossis and not only this but caffeine helps to break the fat stored in the liver cells. So the cups of coffee, lessen the risk of Cirrhosis. However, this will be of no use if there’s no reduction in alcohol consumption.

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6. Does Coffee keep you Dehydrated?

Contrary to the belief that coffee keeps you dehydrated studies have found something completely opposite of it. According to this, people who drank caffeinated beverages were noted with increased urination. Thus, coffee does not tend to increase the risk of dehydration. Still, many people suffer from headaches and insomnia after the consumption of caffeinated drinks.

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7. Mile Long Attempts to Ban Coffee

Yes! This may sound weird but there have been attempts by the government in the history to ban coffee. Some of these places are Mecca, Sweden, Italy, and Prussia. In Constantinople, anyone who was seen having a cup of coffee was punished in the form of beating and if anyone was caught for the second time, he/she was sewn into a bag and toppled off into the waters of the Bosporus. oh okay!

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Exciting, wasn’t it? There’s so much more for coffee lovers every single time. In spite of this, tell me, would you be able to survive if coffee was banned in your country? Oops, I hope that never happens to anyone!

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