Did You Know About These Bizarre Ways To Burn Calories?

God bless whoever thought of the idea of a supermarket! A one-stop shop is no less than a dream come true for the women population. From diverse goods to diverse people, those walls have really seen it all! Also, some of the common sights you’ll see in there include a crying kid and women contemplating as to which dress makes them look thinner. While you’re busy sneaking in your favourite bag of chips in the trolley, trying to dodge your Mum’s hawk eye, you catch a glance of something. And that’s when you see it. A stout man and his trolley full of junk food. Once you’re done being envious of him living the good life, you come to your senses the moment you calculate his calorie intake. But did you stop to think that he’s actually making up for it?

1. Pushing trolleys up an aisle

Remember that stout man? Yes, him. Seems like he’s making his time in the corridor worthwhile. This activity helps burn up to 100 calories. Depending on the weight of the trolley and how long you push it for, the number increases.

       2. Fidgeting

No! fidget spinner has nothing to do with this activity.

It is said that people who are restless and keep fidgeting while standing or sitting burn a lot of calories in the process. So the next time someone finds your movements annoying, enlighten them with its benefits.

3. Headbanging

Apart from having amazing taste in music, being a metalhead has its own perks too. If you find yourself Headbanging ever so often, you would be happy to know that you’re burning around 50 calories. You could even burn more if you went all in!

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4. Texting

Yes, you read it right. You can burn around 40 calories per hour just by constant texting. Finally, a valid excuse to give your parents as to why you’re on the phone all the time!

5. Banging head on a wall

Although not advisable, this is a valid method of burning calories. The speed, along with the number of times you bang your head determines the calories being burnt. Hopefully, the person who stumbled upon this method has his head intact and well.

6. Singing in the shower

Depending on how loud you are, you could burn up to 20 calories per song. In addition to this, singing also improves lung and heart function. Now is the time to relive that abandoned dream of becoming a singer!

7. Sitting in front of the TV

If only parents knew of this sooner, our lives as kids would have consequently been a lot more peaceful. Believe it or not, one hour of watching TV contributes to burning 65 calories.

Who would have ever thought that ordinary activities such as these could be effective calorie terminators?


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Image Source – Via handlebarcycling.files.wordpress.com

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