Top Car Alarm Features in 2024

It has never been a secret that prestige cars are the main target for auto thieves, which kind of makes sense; if you’re going to steal a car, make it an expensive model and for the last 50 years, there’s been a cat and mouse game between the car manufacturers and the thieves. As technology developed, a new sector emerged in the auto industry, companies that specifically make vehicle security systems for hi-end vehicles and in this article, we take an in-depth look at the cutting-edge features of auto alarm systems in 2023.

  • Remote start –In the middle of the winter, trying to access your freezing car can be a challenge; remote start allows you to warm the car before you approach it, the climate control is set and windows are heated, giving you 360 vision on a frosty morning. Equally, you may be in a hurry and want to jump in and hit the gas! Losing a key has you asking Google for an ‘auto locksmith near me and having a spare made to fit into a slim under-body box. 
  • 121 Decibel sound alarm – The Viper 3105 V is a low-budget –high-performance car alarm system, with keyless entry and an ear-busting 121 decibels for a 100m range. Remote start is standard (can it get any better?), anti-carjacking & panic alarm, with a range of alarm configurations. This is, in our opinion, the best value for money hi-end car alarm system, which car thieves do not like, and they know by the bright blue LED pulsing lights as they approach the vehicle.
  • Keyless entry – How cool is it to enter your car without having to use the key? No more pocket-fumbling with keyless entry; most top car security systems incorporate keyless access, with some having a range of over 3,000ft. Click here to discover the top RV appliances in Australia.
  • Failsafe cut out – This is there if a thief manages to start the engine; a complete electrical shutdown and your set of wheels isn’t going anywhere. 

YouTube reviews

Let’s face it, if you want to know the ins and outs of a car alarm system, check out the professional product reviews that YouTubers post on their channels; subscribe to one you like and every time they post a new review, you will be notified.

Protect your pride & joy

When you own a supercar, it deserves the best security on the market and for around $100, you can acquire the very best anti-theft system that ensures your car is not one of those statistics. The economy is suffering, which drives some people into crime; car theft numbers are rising, especially hi-end vehicles. 

Online solutions

Spend a few hours watching YouTube reviews on auto-security systems, compare online prices and you can get the lowest price for the unit you desire. When your car is your pride and joy, it is obviously an attractive target for experienced car thieves, which demands additional security and that comes with a host of features outlined above.

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