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15 Easy Steps To Deal With Frustration

Frustration. Something that most people experience.

But what exactly is it?

An emotional response develops when we are irritated- of losing something, of failure towards our goals. You experience it whenever you don’t get the desired result, feel stuck in certain situations, or even when a conversation goes awry.

Frustration in the long term may lead to anger, stress, depression, etc. It is crucial to manage and control frustration if one needs to feel better and have a calm mind.

A prevalent thing, but a lot of us are unaware of how to deal with it. Here you can find various methods that you can apply to deal with frustration and focus on what works best for you!

15 Easy Steps To Deal With Frustration

1. Analyze

Imagine you’re working hard on a project or an exam. Often we find ourselves unable to grasp a concept or concentrate or understand what is going on. This leads to frustration and anger.

The first thought we might have is to give up. To give in to our frustration and stop trying. However, there is a healthier way to deal with such frustration that won’t jeopardize your test scores, project outcomes, or friendship/relationship!

Instead of giving up, try analyzing the problem. Where did you go wrong? What do you need to improve? What is it that is not working for you?

Contemplating and analyzing the situation gives you a more evident mindset, which helps you overcome your frustration.

2. Take A Break

Often, we get frustrated because we are looking at the same thing from the same perspective for so long that our mind begins to get hazy, and we feel frustrated.

Try taking a break, either a nap, a fresh breath of air, a brisk walk, tending to your garden, or anything that gets you away from the task or situation. Before you know it, your mind will have cleared up, and you will find that you are no longer frustrated.

3. Deal With Your Anger

The first reaction after feeling frustrated is almost always anger. If you find yourself angry in such a situation, deal with it before moving on.

Anger is a dangerous thing that only makes situations worse. Of course, it is only normal to feel angry towards yourself or whatever you are dealing with. Try some breathing and rant to your dear one; however, you deal with your anger, do it, and move on with a peaceful mind.

4. Distract Yourself

Get away from what is frustrating you and get your mind off it. Distracting yourself is a great way to let go of your frustration slowly. A video game, another task, spending time with friends, whatever it is, allow yourself to cool down, away from the throes of frustration.

5. Have A Conversation

Being frustrated often leads to us saying things we later regret or things that harm those around us. It is a curse to deal with, for sure. However, just because you let it get you better doesn’t mean things are over.

Try reaching out to your close ones and friends. A primary reason for frustration is not being able to get your thoughts out in the open.

Plus, it is highly likely that once you’ve had a nice rant with your friend, sibling, or rapist, things will become a lot more straightforward, and you can feel yourself calming down.

6. Maintain A Daily Journal

Maintaining a mindfulness journal will prove beneficial for the thousands of thoughts swarming about your head all day.

Having a head that is buzzing with thoughts that are all over the place will quickly leave you flustered, exhausted, and, that’s right, frustrated. Maintaining a journal will help you categorize your thoughts and give yourself some clarity.

You might need to force yourself the first few days, but once you get the hang of it and see how beneficial it is, you will make time to journal. Journaling is wonderful and therapeutic.

7. Talk To Yourself

Now, before you dismiss this one, read on. You might be wondering what the point of talking to yourself is if you’re already journaling or if you have an inner monologue running all day.

When talking to yourself, you have a loud conversation; if you don’t have anyone to converse with or confide in, confide in yourself. When you have a conversation with yourself, it will always be raw, unfiltered, and truthful. You will find yourself putting things in perspective. It will be a big sigh of relief.

8. Follow Breathing Techniques

Whenever you feel frustration overpowering your mind, stop for a minute. Indulge in mindful breathing—breath in, breath out.

Repeat this several times. You will feel better than before. Breathing and meditation lead to almost instantaneous results and is easy to practice anywhere and everywhere.

9. Exercise

Not only is exercise a great way to spend your energy healthily, but you also feel amazing after you’re done! Exercise will help you get away from the problem and leave you with a clearer head and a happy mind.

10. Indulge Yourself

You need to treat yourself with kindness and show yourself some love!

If things are getting to you and you are too frustrated and angry to deal with your problems, focus on yourself! Take a nice, long bath, lay on your couch, and watch movies all night long while eating a heck load of popcorn and chips; buy that thing you’ve been eyeing for oh so long; whatever it is, remember that you deserve love and give yourself what you deserve!

11. Find A Creative Outlet

You need to express yourself and channel your frustration. Try drawing or writing a story. Maybe painting or cooking is what you enjoy. Find an activity you enjoy and let yourself be carried away in fun.

12. Get Lost In Music

Whether you need to calm or excite yourself, a good playlist will always get you in the right mood. Sway to the music, feel the beat, or let your heart rest to your favorite song’s sweet harmonies and gentle melodies. Music will always help you and is there for you at all times!

13. Nap!

Once you are an adult, nap time seems like a reward and a rarity. If you feel frustration beginning to get the better of you, just push it all away, get under the sheets and take a nice, refreshing nap. You deserve it, no questions asked. You wake up feeling refreshed, and tackling your problems becomes an easier feat.

14. Organize Your Surroundings

Cleaning and organizing your desk, wardrobe, and surroundings will help you declutter and sort out your mind. If your surroundings are suffocating you, take some time to manage them to your liking and make sure you can relax and feel free.

15. Recognize The Problem

Tips to get rid of frustration aside, the easiest way to deal with it is to nip it right in the bud. Please spend some time figuring out what frustrates you and gets your gears grinding, and proceed to remove it from your sights or deal with it.

If it is a person, converse with them, express your issues and work on arriving at a solution. If you aren’t able to study, try a new technique or a different setting.

Whatever is frustrating you, try not to give it power. Easier said than done, but you are strong enough to do it. I believe in you!

Handling yourself while frustrated is not easy, but you will easily do it with the proper practices. Try out the tips mentioned above and come back to it every time you slip back into your frustrated self. Find what works best for you and conquer your world!


Frustration is often not a choice. However, you can’t let it get the better of you. You are better than that, so go on! Live a peaceful life, and don’t let things get to you. Soon you will be thriving where you used to get frustrated.

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