5 Comfortable Everyday Activewear Styles

Looking for some inspiration for dressing comfortably? These 5 activewear styles will keep you looking good from the gym to the living room. 

Activewear has made a big comeback in recent years. Cycle shorts, leggings, and cropped tops, are all in. Not only are leggings back, but they also don’t appear to be going anywhere. Those of us old enough to live through the Great Legging Crisis of the 1990s realise we are only a short step from those trousers with the stirrup at the bottom. Eurgh. 

However, activewear is back and that is something to be pleased with. Why? It’s not just ideal for the gym, it is comfortable enough to wear around the house without worry. It’s even just smart enough that if someone comes to visit you, you are not ashamed to answer the door. 

The 5 Comfortable Everyday Activewear Styles You Need

So if you like comfortable clothes and gym-ready apparel, you should check out these top tips on comfort. 

1 – Think High Performance

If you genuinely intend on wearing your new activewear to the gym, then you need to switch up that style so that it is high performance. Use Grunt style clothing as a template to choose high quality gear that won’t let you down at the gym. The last thing you want is leggings which go see-through when you perform a deadlift. A girl should be able to lift 150 pounds without judgement.

2 – A Flattering Fit

The modern trend towards cycle shorts and cropped tops isn’t just for the 15-year-olds. If you have the body to pull off a flattering fit with leggings, then you have a duty to the world to wear them. Don those tight active clothes and step proudly into the day. You know what they say? If you have got it, flaunt it. 

3 – Think about Shoes

When you are big into activewear, you realise that shoes are as important as the rest of your outfit. If you are working hard in the gym, you need a supportive sole with lots of shock absorption. If you walk a lot, memory foam soles might be more comfortable. If you always wear leggings? A hi-top with multiple colours will always make a statement. Style based on your shoes. It never goes wrong.

4 – The Custom Print

Did you know you could design your own activewear clothing? If you want to, have your name, work, favourite phrase, motto, or anything else you like, printed onto a t-shirt. A custom print t-shirt guarantees that nobody else has the clothes you have. It also allows you to tailor the assize, length, style, colour, and shape of the shirt. 

5 – Chunky on Top

We have it on good authority that next Spring will include a range of chunky-topped activewear styles. Team your best jeggings with a chunky knit sweater, pale pastel hoody, or long shirt. Go for a chunkier top half and it will accentuate the sleek lines of your long, long legs. You can thank us later. In the meantime, get yourself in on the trends and start living your best activewear life. 

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