Benefits Of Using Tote Bags Instead Of Plastic

An average person visits the stores about 2-3 times a week to get house supplies and foodstuff. Well, each trip requires storage for your things, regardless of whether you are getting the bus or driving home from the store. So what do you use to carry your shopping? Are you for plastic bags, or are you part of the revolution of doing away with them?

Many countries have begun imposing a lot of taxes and even banning plastic bags in the quest of preserving the environment. This has caused many recognizable brands to opt for custom paper bags with their branding on them to help in eradicating plastic bags. But why are people fighting plastic bags? Why should we jump into using tote bags? Read on to find out.

Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment

Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment
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Plastic bags are not organic, which means they take ages to rot or decompose after disposal. Did you know that there is an estimate of eight million plastic pieces that enter the ocean daily, and plastic bags make a huge percentage of that? You probably see where this is heading at. We can never exhaust the kind of effects that plastic bags cause to marine life, from damaging the aquatic environment to getting consumed by fish, causing a decrease in life underwater, etc.

Moreover, plastic bags contain toxins. If you dispose of them in the soil and are exposed to the sunlight, they will release toxins, which will lower the soil’s quality affecting the farmers’ yields. To wrap it up on the impacts, burning seems to the only solution to get rid of them quickly. However, if you do so, you’ll release toxins into the atmosphere, causing air pollution.

Facts of Global Plastic Bag Use

Plastic bags
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So by now, you probably know that you can only use plastic bags once. That means if you head out shopping four times a week, that’ll be equivalent to sixteen plastic paper bags in a month and ninety-six in just half a year. Well, that’s a whole lot of cash that you’ll spend there to get each one, but that’s not the point.

There’s an average of 500 billion plastic bags used each year globally. That is approximately north of a million per minute. A plastic bag can only last you 15 minutes because there’s no point in holding it anymore after using it. By intending to control this drastic usage of plastic bags, countries are coming up with measures to reduce plastic pollution worldwide.

Benefits of Using Tote Bags Instead of Plastic

Benefits of Using Tote Bags Instead of Plastic
Source: Supreme Creations

There are several types of custom paper bags made using various materials. Some examples include LDPE bag, LDPE bag with rigid handle, non-woven PP bag, woven PP bag, polyester bag, biopolymer bag, paper bag, and textile/cotton/jute bag. These tote bags come in a variety of designs and sizes. It is what is pioneered for usage to save our world.

These custom paper bags are packed with many benefits, and they are preferable compared to plastic bags for various reasons. Some benefits of tote bags and the reasons why to go for them instead of plastic bags include

Cotton bags over plastic
Source: London News Tdoay
  1. They are reusable – Unlike plastic bags, you can use the same tote bag for several shopping trips. The only thing that can make you not use it is if you damage or lose it.
  2. They are bio-degradable – This means they won’t cause harm to the environment if they happen to be disposed of.
  3. They save the environment – By using tote bags, you reduce the costs incurred by governments to clear up the mess done by plastic bags.
  4. They save space – You don’t need a lot of these bags since you can use one for several trips. That saves the space that you’ll normally use to store and dispose of plastic bags.
  5. Durable – These tote bags are stronger and can also hold more stuff during your shopping.
  6. Reliable – You can always count on tote bags because they save your accounts and the environment.
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