• TravelMust Visit Places In Goa For First Timers

    11 Must Visit Places In Goa For First Timers

    Goa is a small state along the southwestern coast which is famous for its beaches and party life. The state has the biggest contribution to the Indian Tourism Industry. Goa is rich in culture, lip-smacking food, carnivals, watersports and alcohol. 11 Must Visit Places In Goa For First Timers 1. Calangute Beach Calangute Beach is one of the most popular…

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  • Facts

    Have you ever wondered why do we blow out Birthday Candles?

    What comes to your mind when someone says birthday?– a delicious cake, is it?  Yeah, a delicious chocolate cake! The idea of celebrating a birthday with a cake has its origin since ancient Roman times. Source: Well, there are many theories which are related to the origin of birthday candles. Let’s take a look at a few of such…

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  • HistoryGuinness World Records

    The Fascinating tale of Guinness World Records.

    THE ULTIMATE QUESTION Stranger things? No, I am not talking about the “Netflix and chill” series, but pondering about what would Guinness brewery, a distinguished beer company that has seen customers clicking beers over soccer games and Guinness World Records, a fascinating book that travels miles incorporating the odds of the world have in common. HISTORY Let me…

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