A moving Love story : The moving statue

  The story of moving statue

Love is like a violin’s bow, which draws one voice out of two separate strings.  As a result, the popular sculpture known as ” Man and Woman” depicts this monumental love.  The famous Georgian Artist, Tamara Kvesitadze is the mastermind of this creation.

To begin with, the year 2010 saw the creation of the statue. The seaside city of Batumi, Georgia possesses this distinguished moving statue. The fateful story of two lovers is remembered every day, as the clock strikes 7 in the evening. The moving statue is made of the metallic discs which slide towards each other,  merging into each other for short embrace after which they separate.

The heartwarming assimilation of the monument is clocked for 10 minutes coupled with warm colors adorning its beauty.



The inspiration behind the creation

Inspiration was the foundation stone for this creation. The Novel, “Ali and Nino”,  narrates the story of a Muslim boy falling in love with the Georgian Princess.   Thus, the narration of their high school days to the battle and invasion of Soviet Russia weaves the story.

In conclusion, the narrative describes the struggle of love between religion, war, and customs.  The true identity of the author is unknown. However,  his pen name, “Kurban Said” holds his recognition. One of the legendary works of the 20th century embarks his novel.  Besides that, 30 different languages have adopted this story making it a worldwide sensation.


A beloved spot for travelers

In 2012, Christopher Hampton announced to adapt the novel to produce a film. The formation of the monument ended within 10 months. This place is a bustling spot for couples and travelers filled with awe and admiration. The onlookers become teary-eyed as the magic of love and separation illuminates every day and the age-old story revives itself.

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