8 Crazy Things That Only Happen In India

Growing up in a country with numerous superstitions and a conservative society, sometimes the path to discovering new things never shows up. It’s not even the society but the same one-sided way to explore things, just how they were taught. It’s not like we lagged too much, as society grew, the younger generation coped with lots of things and got to know more about different cultures.

We never get to disclose some aspects of other cultures. An envious feeling always pops up when we learn something alluring about other cultures or countries. Because of the diversity and economy, every place has something that’s not even heard of around the globe.

8 Crazy Things That Only Happen In India

1. Chores


India is among one of the very few places where keeping house helpers, commonly known as maids, is a common sight. People living abroad struggle to save extra to pay the helpers. One of the other reasons is that, unlike houses in India, many countries prefer carpets for the floor rather than opting for stones and marble. The carpet does not require daily attention and vacuum cleaning is quite easier than moping the wooden/marble floor. A dishwasher is yet another thing that is disliked by most Indian women. Truth be told, most of them don’t even know it exists and are happy that way. Washing utensils, with hands, is a better and more cleanlier way.

2. Toilet paper

 Toilet paper

One of the most uncommon things in India is the usage of toilet paper. Not just India, more than half of the Asian countries use bidets instead of toilet paper. Even scientifically speaking, it’s more hygienic. It is mostly used for cleaning purposes in the kitchen, referred to as kitchen towels.

3. Vegetable and Grocery shopping

Vegetable and Grocery shopping

Supermarkets and Marts came to India in the 1990s. But even after that small vendors and grocery stores were still preferred. Even canned food was not liked by many because of its low nutritional value. Very little has changed today, more than half of the population relies on small vendors for fresh products.

4. Moving out/Staying in

Moving out/Staying in

Being a part of an Indian household, there’s no term like moving out. Parents obviously want the best for their child so the only exception is when it’s job-related. 13 or 30, you can always rely on your parents. In Western countries, the scenario is just the opposite. As soon as you are 18, you move out, be it for college, or starting your own life. Some even cover their expenses by themselves.

5. Dating Culture

Dating Culture
Couple Enjoying Evening Drinks In Bar

Indian society promotes arranged marriage. That’s how it’s always been. This concept is taken from the Vedas, where marriages mostly meant alliance. Being in a premarital relationship is unacceptable in most parts of the country. The concept of dating is not so common. Because of such temperament, events like prom night and ball dancing are not appreciated. Even though, dating culture is becoming a buzz but not accepted by most.

6. Medical Services

Medical Services

Due to the economic status and for the welfare of people, India has got cheap medical services compared to most of the countries. Even though the technology is advanced like in some other countries it’s enough to handle critical situations. Unlike in India, a prescription is necessary to buy medication.

7. Technology

Four-wheelers are common everywhere. It’s about what type of four-wheeler. Companies like Tesla have a very promising market. Basically, it’s an electric car, it’s eco-friendly. Technology like this is yet to perk up in India. Being a developing country, India has several technologies that speak for themselves but manual labor is highly preferred.

8. LGBTQ+ Community

LGBTQ+ Community

Even after removing of section 377 of the constitution, Indian society fails to neutralize the stereotypes. Eunuchs have been an important part of the Indian ancient history. Eunuchs were enlisted to guard the harems and queens. They were highly respected and valued. But after the British, the whole community suffered immensely. But now the situation is a bit better but still a long way from normalizing.

As you might have noticed other different things that are common or uncommon, but there’s always one thing that is common and constant for all human beings and that is human nature. The way of thinking and observing, the ways to approach a personal problem does not have much of a variation. It’s about what you think is correct or not.  

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